Will Legalization of Prostitution Reduce Trafficking?

Will Legalization of Prostitution Reduce Trafficking?

Over the years, prostitution has been ongoing in different parts of the world, but little success has been achieved in reducing the vice. Instead, human traffickers have been using the existing legal loopholes in widening the scope of their trade. There have been claims that legalizing the trend would aid in the reduction of trafficking. However, unscrupulous individuals would want to rely on such justifications to continue reaping from their deeds. Therefore, this paper seeks to determine why human trafficking can only be attained through decriminalizing the vice

Instead of providing a reprieve to the sector, criminalization of sex trade would provide an avenue for violence against the participants. Legalizing prostitution would imply that sex workers are continually susceptible to violent acts (Albright and D’Adamo 1). The envelope treatment that sex workers are supposed to receive would not be achieved easily because they mostly work in isolated locations and conditions. Therefore, implementing harm-reduction techniques would be tantamount to efforts in futility. Peer networking such as efforts would hardly penetrate the existing barriers.

Lloyd (1) states that criminalizing girls and women into commercial sex is not the solution, and neither is the legalization. This mode of arguing is reliant on facts that encourage the focus on criminal justice resources on buyers and traffickers as a positive step. Further, the affected women ought to be considered for the provision of authentic help such as support, services, and options to be being bought into the trade and treated as victims. Lloyd (1) applauds the ground-breaking Safe Harbour Act that was launched in New York in 2008. Legalizing the vice has little impact in the genuine efforts that are directed towards the elimination and reduction of human trafficking. The sex workers suffer more from the environment that would be created by the legalization of the trade.


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