Woman and Body


This paper summarizes the naturalization recurrence from medicalization of the female body as a study on social control through bibliographic research on biological reproduction.in which ethnic, race differences, behavioral standards, social class are redefined. The paper further outlined that class predominance and male patriarchal is always maintained thus widening the rift of gender inequalities and social class to grow more extensive. The complexity in the development of technology has created the imbalance by supporting that the lower-income classes do not matter in any decision in regards to their reproductive health, their bodies, and schooling especially through physical education classes and science whereby upper-class predominance is usually sustained.

However, standardization and ordering concerning female body have been a matter of prodigy in both hegemony medical professionals and social life balancing portfolio. The paper therefore profoundly regarded with chronological improvements in the construction of medicine as an area of focus in the scientific research knowledge. Hitherto the processes by which the evolvement of the medical history as referred to our study in the past centuries with an emphasis to areas of scientific knowledge and technical expertise view of the male domain that has since increasingly involved in the interests control of the population, the workforce disciplinarization, social relations, and space hygienization.

The paper further analyses the need on modern medical emergency to be progressively consolidated as scientific knowledge on experimental science based in neutrality and rationality, excluding any judgment of subjectivity or value and on neutral observation, the creation of universal laws (Vieira, 2003).which was meant to promote a change on the relationship between visible and invisible class, argues -Foucault,(1980). Those principles of balances on gender were brought into practice with the characterization of ancient medicine by therapeutic instrumental, a limited diagnostic, and a small technical intervention with social normalization via development of moral rules related to work, hygienic and daily habits. All these changes have been contributed by medicine intervention. Besides, expansion of acts medical consumption and even products comprises the social medicalization.

Lastly in this script we have acknowledged the  best medical practice on the re-description events considered as natural, physiological and deviating social behaviors in the medical normalization of discursiveness and can now address the intervention of specialized methods, therefore any aspect of individual life, social are described in medical terms(Giffin, 1975) and according to Correa, (2001, p.25)

Critical Analysis.

The primary thesis is the recurrence of naturalization as the basis for the medicalization of the female body in the social control via biological reproduction in this is in a research docket of bibliographic. It is found that there is no balance of proportionate in the predomination of male to female population particularly in the decision-making process where women are not given equal opportunity to their male counterparts. Therefore thus increasing withdrawal from participating in the debate concerning their own life, or wellbeing argues “Correa”2001,( p.25) a lot of scientific research based studies were conducted around the medicalization process, parturitions, hospitals, society and the fight between the health professionals and midwives fighting for equal recognition in the medical industries from social exclusion.

The emergence of genealogist on social images, feminist struggles have become discussing issues, more references on social medicalization as biopolitics devices as gestation and female body naturalization versus reproductive rights has been outlined in the argument.one of the questions asked in this thesis is about medicalization and adoption of the female body and its related health issues.

Theories by Authors:

Authors used some assumptions in their struggle to find the harmonious balance of standard and ordering of equality in consideration from the female body to their male counterparts. For instance, in the scientific knowledge in the male domain in the context of naturalization, medicalization fields of population control, discplinarisation of the workforce and hyalinization of space and relations.  However discursively linked to the improvements of race and population development so was the “Eugenic” theory. It talks about the need for equal distribution of wealth resources to all regardless of, race, sex, social class or any discrimination of any kind and it sought to unite all human races, and there was also a contribution from “Foucault”(1989), talked about gender maintenance hierarchy in the biopolitical strategy. I.e., in the heart of the capitalist society emergence invested in the biological, somatic, and body that is the body social control medicine as scientific knowledge defines it. Foucault, (1989.p.82) again argues that the materiality of the power acting on the body of the individuals brings forth the social body, not the consensus.

Herzog –on proliferation argues that modification back feeds expands continuous processes, another author by the name Martins,(2005) also outlines that the process in the human modification transforms not only the social role of the physician and even medicine but also to the disease construction.

The authors apply their theories in a number of ways for example if you take Vieira as author, he talks about the new object of medicine to be his definition thus shift its focus the phase of the disease to health stage while directing readers in the year when that book was published- Vieira,(,2003). In his contribution you can outline the style another author is using, it is just about the same to that one of Vera but make it slightly different from changing some few words. For instance, he talks about the hygiene in the medical fraternity and considering the disease as a deviation which results in poor social functioning, and disorganization aimed at causing danger Costa, (1987, p.10) he gives direction even to the pages numbers. Again authors apply their theories in comparison to that which has been hypothesized by another other and improves it to a method that is evident in the opinion of Charles Darwin(1859) on evolution book on the origin of species along the process of natural selection that later was expanded to culminate in eugenics theories

Supportive argument and critical analysis.

Through the use of magazines, the others may choose to write even journal on a health digest newsletter to form the basis to explain clearly about his or her theories, e.g., live wire interactive science platforms, being explored by international astronomers (NASA) among others. Many authors also target facebook platforms where some philosophies, like Moore, Elizabeth lizard and others could share their thoughts with Facebook members. National demographic survey and health conducted by any federal government also help in creating awareness about the authors in the different discipline and therefore data and statistics from library and curriculum also contributes to enlighten people about the existence of authors. The main counter-arguments advanced below includes:

  • In this case, the two others came to counter argument with one “Giffin,” (2002), supporting the use of contraceptives in controlling the fertility as good and the other one Citeli et el(1998) argues that the use of contraceptives has adverse effects and contribute to sexual and social inequalities.
  • Again there is the counter-argument on the use of FL that relates cultural formation in which the surgery will be seen as at rival phenomenon of the reproductive life, sterilization followed as a natural,fr this acts as an arrival point for female reproductive experience. Here there is a counter-argument in the new order claims Citeli ET el, (1998). He analyses that it should be pregnancy-birth –sterilization cycle instead of menarche- conception-pregnancy-birth-menopause which was supported by Giffin, (2002).

With their research led effort it is possible to apply the use of contraceptives instead of sterilization that lacked scientific backing. The prediction of the number of children a couple would want that they can support economically has been made possible through technological from scientific research work dedicated by medical researches. Moreover, there is accessibility in the regulation of women fertility which opposed to the early time making it be the critical element in principle and concept of the richness .it also enjoys constitutional backing through government regulatory policy in child and birth protection.

The school has brought about civilization and awareness on the scientific use of the medical research equipment’s an entire training on a research-based technological approach to modern life concerning human health protection. This has a biologically predetermined standard from the professional medical expert in the handling of social health-related issues, paradoxically the establishment of the curriculum has reinforced inequalities among races, class, and gender thus education has collaborated in the maintenance of checks and balances through a proper social regulation performance. The medical identification of men and women bodies has helped in the division of duties in which women cannot be subjected to heavy duty activities. Moreso, the issue about the naturalization of the human female, is a matter of a debate from the spiritual perspective to the social understanding of the importance of man‘s life to God in .context to procreation, the female body is perhaps a more scientific tool than a natural created  through the application of some dangerous family planning drugs.

From my perspective, quite a lot of practical issues impacted me, for example, the narrowing of gender inequality issues, that has broadly paved the way for women in the decision making the process as women have comparatively equal rights as men. Another is the recognition of women in delegating of lighter duties due to their naturalization in reproduction concept, we also see government imposing gender-based violence with strong legal framework protection to curb the conflict-related issues in domestic and outdoor attacks this is considered after identification of the role woman plays in context to their delicate reproductive organs.

The reproduction control, which was a matter of death has become possible with scientific, technological advancement based on the medicalization of the female body. It brought about social power through which differences in social class, ethnicity, race are sorted or meets its description and in the maintenance of deepening inequalities of class and gender as well as hegemony. The emergence of drugs through modern medical research has enabled women to seek treatments from the then sexually transmitted diseases which has to remain incurable even in the recent decade .


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