The 1950s were great years for Americans. The economy had recovered, and the nation was recovering from the World War. However, things were not all settled as a liberal age of women was beginning to arise. Women started to protest against what historians refer to as the Cult of Domesticity. This term was used by historians to describe a trend among the upper and middle classes that emphasized new ideas of feminity that acted like unspoken laws and guidelines of how a woman was supposed to serve at home. According to this theory, a "true woman" was supposed to be pure, domestic and submissive. A woman was seen as the center of the family, and her roles at home were geared towards holding the family members together. This cult was designed to limit a woman’s area of influence to directly home and family.

According to a text dubbed “How to be a Good Housewife, a “good wife” was supposed to be submissive to the husband, cooking and making him questions, and was not supposed to ask questions or complain, but instead “try to understand his world of strain and pressure.”  A woman was supposed to allow the man to rule over her and

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