Women, Race, Sports

Women continue to engage in different kinds of sports just like men; however, women sports are not much emphasized by the authority, and people like men sports do. Women sporting activities continue to face various challenges when compared to the difficulties that men sports face. Sports activists have been carrying out campaigns for the rationalization of women sports to be given equal concern as men sports in terms of funding and other challenges affecting the sport. On the other hand, women have been putting more efforts to participate in various sporting activities that are available for competition. More women are becoming sports women covering all sports categories that never used to be covered before.

Research needs to be done to identify the challenges facing sports in women and what can be done to ensure they get equal opportunities as men. The research should find out why women are reluctant to participate in sports. The article states that there are no many competitors that compete to be included in sporting activities because of various reasons (Jenkins, 2018). The writer of the article believes that the myth that sports are for men is a major contributing factor that makes women not interested in sporting activities. There are fewer fans that participate in women sporting events because few people know whether the activities exist. Fewer media coverage leads to less public knowledge of the events.

According to the article, the national collegiate athletic association advocates for equal opportunities among all genders by challenging the current laws in court that does not support gender equality. The gender inequality in sports affects women sports more than men because they are not given equal opportunities.  Few sportswomen are internationally recognized for emerging the best in various activities that they participated in (Jenkins, 2018). People believe that women don’t put more emphasis on sports competition. Women continue to struggle to get an equal opportunity that the men enjoy women; it comes to sports being valued.

According to the article, the primary challenge affecting women is lack of funding, the finances are required by the women to get the training material that is required and other hidden expenses (Jenkins, 2018). The article argues that governments and private donors can fiancé women as an investment where they will get returns once the athletes become successful in their careers. More women are becoming aware of the sporting activities; hence there is an increase in women participation in sports. The article argues that sporting organizations such as the collegiate athletic administrators should come up with programs where they identify the women with interests in sports and nature their talents as a way of promoting them to engage in sporting activities.

Among the sports that are popular with women include basketball where women performed better, and the people widely accept sports. There are basketball academies where young female kinds interested in learning basketball can join to be trained (Jenkins, 2018). Organizations such as the national women basketball committee offer opportunities to young ladies that are interested in joining the national volleyball team where they are trained and given the opportunity to participate in various competitions. The organization has played an important role in popularizing the sport. The players are role models to many girls that are interested in becoming basketball players when later in their lives.

The discrimination of women in sports come in various ways, the requirements of joining any team become challenging hence demotivating many women that are interested in participating in various teams where they are interested in engaging in sporting activities (Jenkins, 2018). The women basketball tournaments are popular among the people that visit the playing stadiums to support their teams.

The other way of promoting women in sports according to the article is by encouraging the female students in schools to participate in sporting activities during the physical education lessons. The teachers have the opportunity to encourage female students to pursue their talents if they believe they are talented in various sports (Jenkins, 2018). One can use sport talent as a career path and earn good money just like any other career. The teachers can also identify the students that are talented in sports and trains them further with the skills that they require in order to follow the sports profession career. Competition in schools is also encouraged as a form of training of the students that might be interested in sports. Through the competition, one is able to identify the students having talents.

Grass root campaigns need to be conducted to encourage more women to engage in sports. Also, opportunities such as sporting areas need to be constructed so that women can have areas where they can do the training whenever they want. Competitions need to be conducted more frequently and the winners rewarded to encourage them to keep up with their good work. Women participating in sports continue to increase. The challenges that used to make women discouraged in participating in sports.