Wonder Woman

Many people have argued that the Wonder Woman which is a movie based on DC Comic characters and directed by Zack Snyder is one of the best movies but they are wrong. Emma Gray has argued that Wonder Woman is one of the greatest movies since it made her cry at the beginning of the movie and at the end. As well most of the people who participated in her reviews showered praises to the movie stating that they have never seen a movie in which one person and especially a woman steps out and fights for the people and for herself. While all of their arguments have some truth, I think that the movie is one of the worst because there were some annoying problems in the making of the movie. Comparing the movie to the likes of Batman Flick and Iron Man, one can clearly see some portholes in the plot and hence more needed to be done on the making of the movie to make it better.

First and for most the director made the main character to be less interesting as compared to the supporting cast. Between the marksman Charlie, Steve and the fantastic doctor who plays an important role in presenting a view of complex emotions while having no lines and a covered face appeared more interesting in the movie than the main character Diana. We see the writer/director strive to develop Diana’s character and by doing so the make it so obvious to the viewers that they were developing her character. For instance, when she was confronted by war of when she had to make a choice to fall in love with humanity once again after being disappointed it is clear that they are raising an alarm that they are now developing her character. The main reason as to why this was happening may be because it was based on a written story. A future movie done on wonder woman should consider including more interesting themes(Griffiths).

The director also makes Steve to be seen as a weak character through out that movie and aspect which makes it questionable. Being a spy, Steve was supposed to be clever, smart able to think of solutions when in tough situations and fast on his feet. He should have been a stronger character and not just someone who would just wish to throw his highly useful life just like he did by letting the plane explode while he was inside. He should have been enabled to get out of the plan before it could explode. Steve should have been given more tactics to survive than it is seen on the movie. At some point he is at the mercy of Diana and also, he has no solid plan about how they can take down the enemies. The directors should have set him as a man who can fight alongside Diana and not just a distant observer (“Wonder Woman’ And The Power Of Watching A Woman Save The World.”)

The fact that the movie starts and takes almost the first third at Themiscyra Island which is dominated by females who are cut off from the rest of the world. It is a place that is steeped by the tale and folklore from the mythology of the Greeks. Viewers must have been interested in knowing more about such a community given that some of the most stunning and coolest scenes of combat took place at this part of the movie. The community presented undeniable compelling staff that should have been revisited as the movie ends. It was disappointing to see Diana leave the Island until the end of the movie. The journey they take from the Mythical island through the ocean to the known world is not much interesting. The movie just looks so familiar once they left the island.

Throughout the movie even when Diana enters the new world, she is still judged based on her appearance. This should have changed and more of her aspects should be brought into the picture, for instance, her ethics, intellect, dignity, physical prowess, fighting skills and awesome weapons. In the works of Steve Trevor, we can all see this as he says. “Do they have an entire island of women who look like that? Why would anyone ever leave?”. Even though it’s a fact that she is hot, but she has been presented in a way that it is not easy to find her match in this world. Comparing Diana to other male superheroes it easy to conclude that she got oiled to fit in the character while in other movies there are just ordinary people who train hard to become the heroes that people love (Griffiths).

Another problem with the movie is that for most part of it the main character is not aware of her role and even when she meets Steve, she is still not sure whether helping him stop the enemies was her call of duty. At the end we realize that the war they fight in the new world was what she was preparing for all through her life and it is not amazing (“Hard-Won Wisdom of ‘Wonder Woman?”).  In conclusion, Wonder Woman is a great movie but surely it has some plot holes that should be rectify in feature movies that will aim to portray a woman as a hero. The themes in the movie are very simple in a way that they viewers keep waiting for something significant to happen only to find that there is nothing more interesting.



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