Working in Human Services

I have always wanted to enroll as a volunteer in one human service agency. However, I remain apprehensive regarding certain aspects of my life. I am very emotional and seeing people in need and sometimes with no capacity to help them would be very heartbreaking for me. I am afraid that my contribution will not be enough to take the people from their problems. Also, I have read reports of human service volunteers killed in their line of duty. Some of the streets in which they work are crime prone, and I fear for my safety. That notwithstanding, my fears can be overcome as my motivation is quite high.

The human service agency of San Francisco is particularly appealing for its role in the improvement of living standards. The agency has managed to incorporate a myriad of services under one umbrella in serving the people of San Francisco. For instance, the agency caters for the financial needs as well as the housing, employment and food requirements of needy families. Through the more than 11000 employees and volunteers, the agency identifies needy families and helps them on the journey to self-sustenance. There are different motivations for pursuing higher education in human services. However, a poor background and the desire to help one’s community may be some of the reasons. In addition, one may feel obliged to help other people, therefore, pursuing the degree program.

Although all human service agencies continuously require the help of volunteers in the execution of their tasks, they have requirements for entry. Volunteers and workers alike are required to possess certain behaviors and skills necessary for effective administration of the services (Zins, 2011). For instance, people are expected to be compassionate and disciplined. Still, one should be willing to work extra long hours and on weekends. Some of the skills include time management skills and creative and critical thinking. Problem-solving skills and punctuality are also among the requirements expected of a new human service professional. Normally, the possession of these skills and their application in daily life can guarantee one of a successful career in the field.



Zins, C. (2011). Defining human services. J. Soc. & Soc. Welfare, 28, 3.


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