Workplace Discrimination Assignment

Every person is protected from discrimination by federal laws, and the employees are classified. Employees should not be discriminated based on their skin color, race, sex, age, religion, disability or information related to the gene. One class of employees protected from discrimination is the disabled (Stephenson, 2018). The American with Disabilities Act protects the disabled from discrimination by ensuring that an employee is not discriminated because of his mental or physical state. The Equal Pay Act, on the other hand, protects employees of different sex by ensuring that equal wages are paid to the employees performing equal tasks regardless of their gender. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects employees who are above 40 years.

EEOC investigates all claims of discrimination of employment opportunity for action to be taken to the employer. The law requires employers to give equal employment opportunities to all people without any favor. The investigation is done to ascertain whether there was any discrimination. A protected person has to file complain to EEOC because of the alleged discrimination (Cascio, 2015). EEOC, on the other hand, does an investigation of the company that is accused. EEOC checks whether the person given the employment opportunity meets the requirements that the company needed. Where the company is found to have employed the person discriminatory appropriate action is taken according to law.

Discrimination on any basis impacts the organization negatively hence the need to avoid and respond to the allegations effectively. Employers should embrace diversity and ensure that their culture does not tolerate any form of discrimination. When hiring they should ensure that the job description does not contain aspects that are discriminatory such as the age limits or gender specification (Cascio, 2015). All the managers should be trained on how to implement anti-discrimination policy effectively. Employers should also ensure that they respond to the allegations of discrimination professionally, timely, confidentially and about the organization policy against discrimination.



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