World Erotic Art Museum

The World Erotic Art Museum was founded in the year 2005 and served as the only US-based museum which is dedicated to erotic art.  The WEMA has become the most renowned and a permanent museum which comprises more than 4,000 international art pieces as well as the early works of 300 BC.  Therefore, WEMA has stood out as a museum which contains variety, quality and distinct profile in regards to erotic art in Miami.  Besides the purpose of the museum to acquaint broader public who have erotic art,  the primary goal of WEMA entails promoting the continuous expansion of different collections.  In a broader perspective, the WEMA focuses on collecting, preserving and collecting various pieces of erotic art from high-end cultures within Miami.  The museum is based on the Naomi Wilzig’s private collection of erotic art which has contributed to a significant expansion of the museum making it unique globally.  In my experience, Miami has stood out by creating something unique in the world of erotic art as the museum provides everything found in the world of erotic art.  My experience with WEMA is based on the different aspects of erotic art which I could identify which includes, Kama Sutra carved beds in different shapes and the Dominatrix Barbie dolls. Also, the museum comprises of rooms of actions that are packed with the antiquity of modern art.

I further did some exploration about the founders behind the concept of an erotic museum in Miami. After some explorations, I found out that Naomi Wizlig the window of late Siggi the president and CEO of ‘The Trust Company of New Jersey’ was behind the establishment of an erotic museum.  Naomi was requested by her son to purchase ‘conversion pieces’ to put up in the son’s apartment. From this simple request, the WEMA was born as Naomi gathered different samples of erotic art from the Roman times to the modern era.  Also, the establishment of an erotic art museum leads to the authoring of erotic books which comprises an extensive collection of the materials found in this museum.

I discovered that WEMA has a Starbucks on the ground floor while the museum which is located on the second floor is accessed through an elevator.  Another interesting experience is that the museum has imposed an age limit of 8 years for those allowed inside. Also, the visitors can browse  20 rooms which are filled with about 12,000 ft of artwork which covers the ancient history to middle ages of the Roman art as well as the modern arts which shows changing sexual mores of different culture and times.   From my experience, one major item displayed by WEMA is a large illustration of a male appendage which served as a prop in Stanley Kubrick Film of 1971 “A Clockwork Orange.”   Additionally, the museum comprises a gigantic four-poster which includes more than 130 hand-carved Kama Sutra posts and scenes that are gigantic as well as ‘eight-feet-tall phallic reproductions.’  From my experience, the WEMA comprises of  ‘Shunga’ books and other prints from Japan which reveal different sexual scenes that served as instructional materials for newlywed nobilities during 19the century.  Also, the museum comprises of erotic art from different regions such as Egyptians and Greek antiquities which contains the figurines and amulets fertility.  In a nutshell, WEMA in one of the magical place for everyone with a dirty mind to visit in Miami.