World War Z Book

World War Z is a book that explains the worst and best of human personalities and behaviors, when you read the book you can see every person has a different character, some people choose self-preservation and fight only for their lives while others went above self-confinement, and instead they become selfless and sacrifices their lives for love others (Brook Max). All the choices made by these persons to save others or save themselves, tell a lot about what kind of character each human possess.

Although, when humans read this novel, each and everyone says would turn to be a hero by sacrificing his or her life to save others before saving themselves, but its ironical statement, when it comes to real life, most humans are selfish, in case of  any disaster emergency each human  tries first to save his or her life (Shmoop). It also turns out too many humans that it may not be worth to sacrifice their own life for people they are not related too.

Self-sacrifice character is displayed well in the story. If these characters made the ultimate sacrifice, death, they would not be able to narrate their story, although we can see many instances where a woman put herself in the disaster to protect and save her little daughter and the entire family from a zombie attack (Brook Max).

MaryJo Miller a mother from Troy Montana was at home with her family when the zombie invaded her house and tried to attack her husband who fights it off and the zombie disappears, but after a while, her little princess began screaming because a zombie had broken into the window of her daughter bedroom.

As Mrs. Miller narrates she, rushed to her daughter bedroom in full force to protect and save her daughter from zombie menace. She grabbed the zombie with her bare hands and ripped its fresh, clean head off the ground (Shmoop). She risked her life to death because of family love the love she had for her daughter and husband was stunning. However, when we get down to it, MaryJo is a real hero in human life.

In real life selfishness and self- sacrifice are both part and parcel of human life.  Real human beings have to make choices that determine if they should sacrifice for themselves or others (Brook Max). Anyone who makes a choice to self-preservation and put the lives of innocent people in danger has to live with this decision in their entire life.

Selfish people have to know that they have a big ego that makes them think their lives more precious than tens of million people out there. This book most of the actor’s character this personality while this is the reason why MaryJo Miller put her life in danger for the love of others and show great sacrifice and how far she is willing to go in the name protecting the one she loves (Brook Max).

World war Z tries to explore whether the choices we make as human beings are good or worse.  Every human has to choose in times of danger if to protect his or her life, or the lives of others, sometimes we fight so hard for our freedom and forget the lives are at risk.

Self- sacrifices, and self-salvation come out in many ways, but it is our nature to make decisions that may be tough, but during the times of distress, the choices we make might make us regrets the rest of life.  The character of Mrs. Miller teaches us that self-love should not surpass the love and interest of others. What makes us a real human is a choice people make either live or to lets others live


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