Most wounds are classified as incisions (cuts), burns, lacerations (rugged cuts) or abrasions (grazes). The treatment for these wounds will depend on the injuries one has. All wounds are painful and one needs a first aid treatment before seeing a doctor. Burns injury lead to loss of working time, when one gets burn he or she may not be able to report to work, this affects the productivity of the company thus reducing the cost of production especially when more people are involved. Hence, reducing profit margin. Moreover, burns lead to medical expenses, when one gets a burn he or she will require to seek medical attention, in the process they use the money they have saved for the treatment. Protective garments should be worn to prevent burns; also a fire extinguisher should be readily available in the company to help put out the fire. However, first aid boxes should be available to help in treatment of minor burns before seeking a doctor’s assistance. In conclusion, workers should be trained on how to handle fire or any other hot object to avoid being burned, they should always wear protective gear when handling flames and acids, turn off the flames after use and be reminded not to use flammable liquids near the flames.


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