Writing for change

Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment Manufacturing

Attn: David Martine, Managing Director

340 Street Lane


Dear Mr. Martine,

I am a resident of the neighborhood on the outskirts near the newly built industry. I am writing with some concerns my fellow residents and I have regarding the amount of noise coming from your industry.

Over the last few weeks, we have been experiencing high levels of noise coming from the machines in your industry. The increase in noise has led to cases of hypertension, sleep disturbances, and tinnitus among the residents (Zannin et al., 2016). In addition, the levels of noise go on for twenty-four hours making it uncomfortable for the residents to continue residing in the neighborhood. It is of great concern that continuous exposure to the noise may cause permanent hearing loss and acoustic trauma(Zannin et al., 2016).

In my opinion, a logical solution to the problem of noise pollution may be to practice noise reduction. The reduction in noise can be achieved by employing sound-absorbing treatments. I would also suggest that your industry observes proper machine spacing of more than 10 m. This measure would see a significant reduction in noise from your industry (Ning et al., 2019). If need be, we can organize a tree planting day with fellow residents to plant trees in your factory compound which would also help in noise reduction (Margaritis & Kang, 2017). Please free to let me know if I can provide any assistance in any other way. I will write again in two weeks to follow up on this matter and see what considerations have been made to my request.



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