Writing in the style of more than two authors

Writing in the style of more than two authors

Biologists keep on talking about biodiversity and its conservation, but the environment that I find myself in gives a different meaning to biodiversity. Perhaps, they mean beauty or maybe extraordinary creatures or perhaps this is where animals and plants come from and distribute to the whole world. There are stories of extinct animals like the dinosaur but what about those of animals and plants that can come into existence on earth for the first time. I am looking for the opposite of extinct because that is the name to describe what I find in this ecosystem, as the biologists would call it. An ecosystem, now after seeing I think all creatures, which are not on earth, means a supermarket of dead and living things, satisfied with the kind of life they are living. I want to make it clear that the entrance of the area quenched my thirst to explore the environment and the rest was an experience similar to that of taking blended bitter herbs. The juice is a suite in mind but bitter on the tongue and wet on the eyes. There are too many extraordinary creatures, which my mind cannot withstand.

There are very tall trees that amuse me but what comes in mind is where the sleepless carpenters have been all along when the trees were competing to touch the airplanes. There is no truth in what the scientist call adrenaline. I expect to release much of it on seeing trees and creatures that make me feel like I can comfortably leave with a snake without remembering that I have company in the room. It is not a snake, flog or any creature found on earth. It reminds me of the stories, which our grandparents used to share with us to scare, but even them they could be scared once they make a deep thought on the characteristics they place on them. My older sister once gave a story of an animal that did not have hands or legs but had twelve tails. At that time, the story scared me until I could not sleep without holding someone. All these creatures are looking at me just the same way people gaze at horror or soap on the climax.

I keep on touching myself as I move on this new world to make sure that the trees have not pulled my neck to make me feel the sunshine. Yes, it is a new world where no one has ever seen or heard similar to the promised heaven as claimed by Christians. Those people who tour and name the place after their names are yet to get to this place and name them after their families because of their reach. The tress could be communicating to the whole world as they rise above the other vegetations, thin like the conductors that take signals to the television inside a house. They hold each other gathering the courage to face the creatures, which seems to be in a class making noise and the teacher appears.

The creatures instruct the trees to shield the ground from water that comes from above which I will call rainfall, but it appears that there is a leaking ocean above, which never dries. The air is full of moisture, which forms a sweet tasting fog similar to the best-distilled water in the countryside. It is a forced testate through the nose as I breathe in and out. In this place, one does not require to open mouth to swallow water. The idea of fish getting oxygen from water taught in lower classes was clear in mind, but here it is so practical. A swimming pool with regulated water where the participants stand and water flows through them instead of them moving through the waters. There is water everywhere, on top of leaves, animals and the whole ground is wet as if it is exhausted with taking too much water. There are small pools of water and large ones like dams and others like rivers although their width exceeds that of a river which is yet to be described by geographers.

As mentioned at the beginning of this narrative, the animals’ appearances are what people dream of or imagines. The imagination ends here because whatever a person wants to see is available. There are lizard-like creatures which someone else can call snakes, others chameleon because they have all those characteristics.  There are also versions of the same but without legs just like a snake but with a fast speed compared to that of a snake. The creatures are making movements like those of some long earthworms. There are also some few animals form the world which I am aware of like the leopard which one would assume that they have come to explore the other side of the world because they are few than one would expect. The number and varieties of insects in this place can make up a colored picture on a computer. They can make a movie because of the way they are changing their patterns. The evolution of mosquitoes is traceable in this place because the presences of one insect, thin and with very long legs making it appear like the neck of an ostrich bending for food.

The waters in this place are very clear and settled to the extent that one can observe a coin dropping from the surface to the bottom and follow the same path. The aquatic animals are making smooth movements like that of a ball bearing in oil as they produce patterns of waves. The waves produce perfect circles as they compete towards reaching the edges. There are lizards as I may call them in the water, which are in continuers random motion similar to how sound echoes in a forest to produce other small fading sounds. One would suggest that they are in search of something, which they are yet to come across and therefore frustrated. Besides the small animals in the water, there are other man-eaters monsters the size of an ocean when is compared with a drop of water in a reverse manner. The animals are very scaring that makes me feel like death has just come for me, and there is no otherwise apart from complying. The skin has an attractive chocolate color, and the mouth is deep that a mature man can relax comfortably.

There coherent harmonized sounds coming from the birds can make a baby sleep hungry. The birds are making sounds, which others are responding to produce a question-answer forum, which is perfect. They reminded me of a time when I wanted to make a system to raise water from the ground and back again without using any source of electric power. However, the teacher said that there is no perfect system and therefore, the project cannot work. The rhythm from the birds seems ideal because there is no reduction in pitch and strength of the sound when compared with the previous. When do the birds eat or make leisure if they only keep on talking to each other? Their sounds make the place to appear like it is silent and therefore not easy to notice their presence. They look like a flower on trees and the ones flying are like beautiful objects, which a person has thrown to another. Their colors bring the presence of a beautiful city at night where there are streetlights of different colors.

The pace is well organized in a systemic order, and every object is incoherent with each other in size, color and even in behaviors. The birds are on top of the trees but flying at low levels just as the water drops. The heavy animals sink in the waters to produce a catapulted scenario that shows the potential of attacking. The fading blue color of the waters merges with the color reflection of the other creatures from the water to bring a relaxed, sweet aroma of a shiny soup made from goat stew with pepper. The trees are at a reasonable distance from the waters to give space to aquatic activities. They are security to the waters where they are refilling them with rhythmic drops from their leaves. The drops are making the water to rise at least by several inches giving life to water by breaking its silence a pattern established by the moving fish and other creatures.

The environment is alive and busy with each animal and plant looking for food throughout. I can feel the dedication of the creatures created by unique features like the filing of some fish and diving of birds. There is a dependency created bringing a uniform culture under which the animals are behaving. The environment is very scaring as it controls life in this place. There are creation and taking of lives at the same time in a manner that seems to be agreed by all creatures because of the way it is done in a quiet consented manner. The animals are not struggling to get the prey, and those preys are not fighting to get plants for food. At the same time, the area is rich in rainfall and sunlight to make plants produce more food creating a satisfied system.

It is not easy to establish the reality of this place because of the unique coexistence of animals and plants in a quiet and organized place, which they appear to have agreed on a standard lifestyle. Am gazing on one point because the uniformity and system agreement of this place do not leave an opportunity to ask what if or comment thereby making my mind blank. There is a wealth of life, experience threats, happiness an all sorts of feelings people experiences in different places. The place confirms the reality of life diversity with creatures, which are beyond imagination.

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