Writing Styles

Different writers have different ways on how to portray a message to the audience. They can choose a section of passage may be a frame or a paragraph and make it appear attractive to the audience. In this way, they try to capture their attention and ensure that the intended message reach the right people. In their choice of the style to use, they can use pictures or any other drawings in which considerable information can be synchronized into smaller information to the audience. This essay will focus on the writing of John Lewis and the styles he used in sending information to the audience.

According to Lewis, the drawings convey a message of what the pictures think is best in their life (196). In the first paragraph, “ask any writer or filmmaker or painter just how much of a given project truly presents what he/she envisioned it to be” (Lewis, 196). In this passage, the writer tries to show how getting work done need a lot of time and struggle. He tries to make people understand how it is hard to come up with a movie or a drawing to make it have a message to the audience. Secondly, “the truth about comics can’t stay hidden from view forever and sooner or later…the truth will shine through” (Lewis, 211). This shows that comics is passed from one generation to the next. As a result, it is hard to keep it secret to the people around the world.

The writers have chosen to convey their messages in pictures and white and black paintings because this captures the attention of the audience. The photos are used because they convey vast information in a short period. The white and black portraits shade light and exposure and give the readers a clear image of what the drawings mean. Illustrators use quick notes beside every picture to provide some brief information on what the drawings mean. This gives readers some hint on what each drawing. Such styles help the readers to know what exactly the news that the pictures indicate. The use of gutters is intended for the readers to easily connect every passage to ensure that they get the flow of the message. As a result, they will easily understand the pictures to ensure that they think and argue within the context of the information being conveyed.

In conclusion, the writers and illustration use various styles in their work to ensure that the audience gets the exact information they are reading easily. Different techniques such as gutters are vital as they make the reader understand the content flow of what they are learning. Drawings in a passage in advantageous to the writer because they help them to convey vast information easily. Illustrators use small writing beside each picture to give some information to the reader about what the drawing means. In this way, it is easy for the reader to connect fast about what each drawing mean and the message the writer want them to get from the picture. In such way, the readers will get the information with a lot of ease.