“You Don’t have to Say you Love Me” Literary Analysis

You don't have to say you love me is a book by Sherman Alexie that got published in the year 2017. The book is 464 pages and is published by little brown and co. its Number is ISBN-13: 9780316270755. The book is about the family of Sherman and a memoir about love, loss, and forgiveness. He details the trials and tribulations that they underwent from his parent's time to his and also to the next generation.

The book articulates how family relationship is dynamic and complicated. The story focusses more on Sherman's mom who went through a lot of difficulties to ensure that the family had basic needs. She had a violent past and an alcoholic habit that threatened to tear their union apart. The book depicts the struggles, trials, and tribulation of a family of Indian descent in the harsh economic environment engulfed with traditional beliefs and inborn disease. The Memoir finds funny moments, angry moments, coping with depression and a desire to better the family’s way of life.

The author has to cope with the loss of lives in his lineage. His life wasn't expected to be as long as he lived with the disease that he was born having. He speaks of ghosts and how they indulged into conversations about his past. His mom Lillian Alexie is described as a beautiful, intelligent, abusive complicated human being. The love by Sherman towards his mother can be felt from the first page to the last page. The events that happen in the family makes a reader believe that miracles do come true.

The book isn’t a narrative per , but it is more of a portrait of his mother, his father, the racism during his times, his writing life, the native American culture as interacting with the other traditions. Sherman has a dysfunctional relationship with his mother

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