Youtility: Chapters 10, 11 & 12

Jay Baer knows all too well that in the twenty-first century, smart marketing, just like many other concepts, have changed and are not as people used to know. The writer is very candid in his style of writing and emphasizes on the replacement of hype with help for the prospective customers. In the last three chapters (10, 11 & 12) which form the last part of Part 3, the book outlines some blueprints that work towards building Youtility. In essence, insourcing Youtility; making Youtility a process, not a project; and keeping score are all part of the six blueprints that the author suggests. The other three are explained in the preceding three chapters.

The importance of availing as much information to the customers is what forms the biggest chunk of the aspect of Youtility. It is the company’s responsibility to come up with this information and disseminate it to the prospective clients otherwise they might come across information that may not be helpful to the company’s image. T

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