Zara Strategy Evaluation

There are different SAF tests strategies that companies use in determining the right decision in terms of selecting the right decision that will impact the business of the company positively. The safe test strategy uses various considerations when it comes to selecting the right strategy that is appropriate for the company. Among the factors considered include the suitability of the strategy used. The strategy implemented by the company needs to meet certain challenges that the business was facing by fixing the challenges. Suitability ensures that the company will not face negative challenges in implementing the strategy that it considers appropriate for the company.

The SAF strategy that Zara Company considered include doing a feasibility study includes doing a feasibility study to determine whether the strategy that the company wishes to use will impact the company positively. The feasibility study helps companies in identifying the challenges that the company is likely to face. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the strategies help businesses in planning for the anticipated challenges that the business is likely to face. The company is able to make an informed decision by selecting the best strategy that is suitable for the company.

Zara Fashion Company has been using various strategies to remain competitive and continue supplies clothes products to its customers.  The strategies need to be reviewed periodically to ensure that they meet various needs that are required for the business to run smoothly. The company evaluates different strategies to check which one suits the company the most. Among the strategies that the company has used in the recent is the branding strategy. Branding entails creating a certain belief among the people that the product being sold meet certain standards that are unique from other companies offering similar products.

The company chose to use the strategy of branding after it discovered that competitors are using the company’s name to sell their cloth products on behalf of the company. Zara Fashion Company realised that it needed a brand that could make its products unique from the rest of the foods offered by other companies. Creating a brand made it easier for customers to identify the clothes manufactured by the company from the rest of the clothes manufactured by other companies.  The company also realised that it faced challenges in marketing; branding made it easy for the company to market its products amidst competition from other companies.

Creating a brand has increased the competitiveness of the company which is among the advantages that the companies got from the time it began branding. The branding built confidence among the employees such that they started working hard for the company status to remain, the company has been delivering quality products for many years; therefore, it needed to protect is legacy.