Zhao’s New Chinese America

Chapter 5 of the New Chinese America article, there are different warrants exhibited. One of the warrants that are portrayed is the warrant of search. This was evident when the police raided a family motel in Los Angeles and “found that the 1,500-square-foot, three-bedroom, and one-bath residence was partitioned into six rooms. Besides the kitchen and the bath, every room was filled with mattresses and bunks. In a complaint filed with the city government, the neighbors said that a few dozen people lived in the house and their cars took up all the parking spaces on the street” (pg. 162). It is not clear whether the police were issued with a search operation after complaints from the neighbors close to the family motels. Warrant of arrest is also portrayed in this article. In the case where the credibility of an immigrant is (petitioner) is under questioning, the person can be arrested and depo

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