1984 Assignment

The founding father of America focused on conceptualizing the bound spirit that expresses how the American is a united community. The documents from founders fathers sought to ensure that America doesn’t fall into Orwellian dystopia but rather establish the law that dictates how people would desire to live as well as the community aimed to have. In this context, the paper is based in critically analyzing the ‘1984′ book,  the Lincoln second inaugural address and the bill of rights documents as the pro readings that explore the attempts of founding fathers in ensuring America does not slip into Orwellian dystopia.

The ‘1984’ by Orwell is developed under the context of a single party which controls the nation, society, people solveignity and territory which regards to classical elements of a state.  The book begins the plot by describing Winston Smith as a low-ranking participant of London leading party in Oceania nation in perpetual war world. The Winston perpetual war world at Oceania is controlled by ‘Big Brother’ where every citizen must obey his precept. Also, the ‘Big Brother’ controls all aspects of life at Oceania including the language and history and in a greater extent, the big brother invents ‘Newspeak’ language to prevent political rebellion.  Orwell seeks in illustrating how Winston lives as a spiritless man due to rigid controls by the party that prevents individuality expression and free thought of sex (Orwell, 2018).  ‘1984′ further narrates the dystopia systems that exist in society as a result of dominant ideas that leads to the existence of dominant class “as thinkers, as producers of ideas that regulate the production and distribution of the ideas their time.” Based on Orwell illustration, the founding fathers desired to develop a nation that pursues the values of a determined system, promoting democracy, dignity, and freedom of all people to ensure that America does not slip into dystopia.

President Lincoln inaugural speech addresses how a divided nation that elected him to the White House slowly headed into war against itself.  Lincoln address acts as a significant reading that expresses hope which leads to end of carnage that caused the destruction of America.  The Lincoln speech is centered on slavery as a core issue which led to war between the Southern and Northern people. Based on this resource, Lincoln as the founding father perceived slavery in America as one of the offenses which the Americans had to seek providence from God (White, 2006). In ensuring that America does not slip into Orwell dystopia, Lincoln alludes to purposes of God as he believes not known to humankind.  Instead, Lincoln suggests that ‘this terrible war’ visited the nation as a means of ending slavery once and for all in America.  Lincoln further concludes that his purpose for the second term was to reconstruct American and to bring peaceful union among the veterans, widows and the orphans from both Southern and Northern to prevent America from siding into dystopia.

The declaration of independence reflects the ‘The Want, Will and Hopes of the people’ in the American society. The unanimous declaration of US independence was based on the premise that in case of course of human events, it’s necessary for the people to dismantle political bands which have connected them. Also, this resource reflects the earth powers, equal and separate station which the nature of God entitles to the people by respecting the opinion of each and every mankind.  In this note, ‘The declaration of independence’ reflects the arguments of the founding fathers who advocated for the self-evident that all men are created equal and the creator endows them with unalienable rights which includes the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life (Jefferson, 2002).  Therefore, with the declaration of independence, America is free to levy war, contract alliances and conclude peace. Also, with the mutual pledge to each other, there is the honor for the lives of the Americans thus preventing the nation from slipping into Orwellian dystopia.

In countering the arguments of the founding fathers, the article published by BBC News about Edward Snowden who exposed the US spy programme. Edward a former CIA contractor leaked the details on how the US government through the CIA created a spy programme to surveil American phones to provide intelligence to the government.  This reading reflects on how the current US government has undermined the privacy of the people by instituting an unauthorized communication spy programme. In this context, the arguments of the founding fathers are hampered by the actions of the government which exert total control through limiting freedom of speech just like how the ‘Big Brother’ curtailed the freedom of Oceania nation (BBC News, 2016).  Therefore, the actions of the current government intend to cause slipping of the America nation under Orwellian dystopia which violated the rghts of the people through “indiscriminate mass surveillance of communications.” Also, the Snowden resource further reflects on how America has violated the patriotic acts which were pushed by the founding fathers.  In a nutshell, the actions of current America as a nation does not reflect the true actions of the founding fathers in making America great.



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