Essay Writing: How to Write an Essay

At the university level, essay writing refers to the detailed description of a particular topic with the reasoning being given a high priority. Instructors examine students’ papers for plagiarism, research topics, formatting of the document, spelling and grammar, and most important the relevance of the content provided. However, very few, if any, will educate you on how to write an essay.

If you have written an essay before, you will agree that it is a time-consuming process. The main problem is that even after spending that much time on researching and writing the essay, you are not guaranteed of top quality content. can! We have been in this business for years and are aware of how to save you from all the hassle by giving you sufficient free time to focus your energy on other issues.

Format of an Essay

An essay does not have a rigid structure that ought to be followed since it is a creative process, and it should not be confined within boundaries. Nonetheless, there is a fundamental structure that is normally followed while writing an essay.

Below is a general structure that you can use for your essay:


It normally comes as the first paragraph of every essay. As a writer, you introduce your topic at this point. A very brief synopsis of the essay is included here. It can be around 5-7 lines.

It is important to get creative while developing the introduction section so that you can hook the reader. Grabbing the reader’s attention at this point is quite important. This is why you will find some writers commencing with a proverb or quote while initiating the introduction in their essay writing process. Starting with a question also brings about an exciting strategy of engaging the reader.


The body is usually the heart of your essay. This is where the vital content of the essay should be included. There is a lot of information to include in this section. As a result, one can make the mistake of undertaking this section in a haphazard manner hence creating confusion on the reader’s side. There is a need for organizing your content and thoughts in a systematic flow during the essay writing process. In case you are narrating an incident, you ought to go in chronological order.


This comes as your last paragraph in the essay writing process. There are times when the conclusion is likely to mirror the introduction paragraph, but it is important to ensure that the syntax and words are different. This section also provides a favorable opportunity to sum up the argument or story at hand. Maybe highlight some morals that can be derived from the essay content provided above.

Outline of a Five-Paragraph Essay

The outline of a five-paragraph essay can have an outline like the one highlighted below.

Introduction Paragraph

-Attention clutching hook

-Thesis statement

-A brief preview of three topics that will be covered in the body paragraphs

First Body Paragraph

-A topic sentence that outlines the first subtopic

-Supporting examples or details

-An explanation of how the thesis is proved by this example

Second Body Paragraph

-The subtopic is stated here using a topic sentence

-Supporting examples or details

-Explanation of how the example proves the thesis

Third Body Paragraph

-Topic sentence that states the final subtopic

-Supporting examples or details

-An explanation of how this example proves the thesis

Concluding Paragraph

-Include a concluding transition and restate your thesis

-Rephrase the subtopics and the main topic

-Call to action or global statement


10 Steps to Follow during the Essay Writing Process

You need to plan all the steps that will be involved while writing an essay. Given that essay writing is not a walk-over, it is something that you should plan in advance.

1.Choosing the essay topic

Every essay commences with the title. It is upon the writer to decide on the topic that is going to run throughout the essay. The topic has to provide a brief general summary of the essay content. On some occasions, the title of the essay is prescribed to the writer.

2.Digging deep

Once the topic has been chosen, the writer ought to prepare an outline of his/her ideas. He/she should highlight a list of the central points as a rough draft. For every central point, the writer should note down the sub points. This forms the cornerstone of the essay. The points can be from the writer’s experience, personal knowledge, class work or an executed study on the relevant topic. Essay writing commences when these sub-points have been put down.

3.Take time before commencing

At first, you might not generate good ideas. As a result, you ought to look at your theme from varied angles. Take some rest, and then look at it again and again. You need time to imagine all the possible variants that the argument will take and the probable approaches. It is more about personal brainstorming.

4.Structure your thoughts

Thoughts can be structured by way of developing an essay outline that is well-organized and detailed. It is good to include some references or keywords for the points you are planning to put across.

5.Development of a thesis statement

A thesis statement is usually the root of everything when it comes to essay writing. It is the thesis that determines the structure of the essay; hence, it needs to be narrow, understandable and exhaustive. There are several guidelines that you can find online to help you write an appropriate thesis.

6.Start writing your essay

Follow the essay format provided above. Commence with the introduction, followed by the main body and end with a conclusion.

7.Take time from the essay writing

You can now have a rest; as you go for a walk, take a nap or anything that you desire to do. You should put into consideration that you are not a robot, and you need a fresh mind to help put in the desired finishing touches.


At this point, you ought to read the essay one more time. You can delete any unnecessary phrases that you come across, and use your dictionary to find some synonyms in case of tautologies. This is the part where you also check and correct the inherent grammar and spelling mistakes.

9.Fresh perspective

Getting  feedback is also considered among the steps involved to write an essay. You can consult someone that you think might be of help before writing a final draft. Even the best writers tend to share their views with someone before they can publish their content.

10.End of the road

The moment you are satisfied that everything is done appropriately, it is time to write the final draft of the essay. You can go ahead and read it one more time just to be sure.

Following these steps will make your essay writing process easier and comprehensive.


Types of Essay

The world of academic writing has several types of essay. This includes a definition essay, process essay, descriptive essay, expository essay, compare and contrast essay, narrative essay, argumentative essay, cause and effect essay, persuasive essay, and critical essay.

Definition Essay

A definition essay focuses on defining a given subject. This is a type of essay that has the ability to focus on various origins or different things. The main objective with a definition essay is to explain things on a higher level than it is provided in dictionaries. You ought to delve into the subject at hand  to help understand what it is associated with, what it is, and how people perceive it.

Process Essay

A process essay tends to have some similarities with the cause and effect essays. In a process essay, it is vital to have an understanding of the subject matter and how it works. Sometimes it comes in the form of a manual that provides instructions on how to do something.

Expository Essay

An expository essay is aimed at estimating the subject from your viewpoint. As a result, there is research that needs to be carried out. An expository essay becomes difficult to write since, in addition to having knowledge obtained from another person’s information, there is also a need for your own experience. An expository essay is the type of essay with the ability to give you organizational skills to help conduct your research. It is good to remember that your opinion plays as the foundation of your essay. However, the essay ought to be well written and extensive.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is developed with the objective of describing details of a given subject. Any object can be written bout; including its features. This is the point you describe how it smells, works or looks, among other things. In this type of essay, every detail counts.

Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essay helps to showcase the similarities and differences between things, objects, events, among other things. There is a need for the writer to have sufficient knowledge of the aspect being compared and contrasted.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay aims at telling stories regarding certain events in people’s lives. This may entail watching a good movie in the cinema, visiting another country, everyday activity, or a funny festival. You are free to express a personal attitude towards something that affected you while narrating a narrative essay, including even the people that you were with or places that you liked. Mostly, it is written in the first-person perspective.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is very useful for students at any education level. The essay works to persuade the readers into taking the writer’s point of view. From the face of it, it is not something easy as it aims at manipulating the thoughts of other people with an attempt of changing their attitudes towards something.

Proving facts and using firm language is important when developing an argumentative essay. In case the essay lacks these proponents, it  will not be sufficiently persuasive hence having minimal influence on the relevant reader. You ought to be ready to fight against opposing ideas, and this is among the things that make an argumentative essay difficult to construct.

Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect essays tend to focus on the sequences of events and the results that come thereafter. It is more of trying to show how certain causes bring about certain results. There ought to be a logical connection being drawn between the reasons that bring about a certain event. Studying works on similar topics would help in gaining a coherent understanding of how to conduct research with regards to a similar topic.

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay works on the opposite side of the argumentative essay. The aim is to make sure that the author’s thoughts are taken as an axiom by changing the reader’s viewpoint completely. The fact that a persuasive essay requires good skills in criticizing opponents and adequate understanding of the subject makes it a difficult type of essay to undertake. It is the type of essay that ought to be influential and tough. Undertaking a persuasive essay shows that you are sure that your opinion is correct and you are really good at something.

Critical Essay

A critical essay normally focuses on the strong and weak features that are related to something.  The essay focuses on giving a subject’s characteristics to ensure the reader is able to consider whether it is bad or good. The paper is more about how something is written or done. Was the writer successful in delivering the message? Was the writer’s work persuasive? Did he/she manage to do it correctly? And many other questions. While writing a critical essay, one ought to be well informed with regards to the subject being criticized.


Additional Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing

Seek Variety

This is enhanced by using vocabulary and sentences that vary in complexity. During the essay writing process, you should avoid using similar phrases and words repeatedly.  Having a little variance will definitely make the essay to sparkle. In case you are writing about money, put phrases there that go with “riches” or “wealth”.

Always Plan for Your Essay

Sometimes you might view it as a waste of time, but it is vital to brainstorm your ideas before commencing the essay writing process. The aspect helps to ensure that you have found the best supporting ideas hence the ability to position them appropriately in the essay. You should always start ideas that support your argument strongly so that the essay can easily grab the attention of the reader.

Keep Practicing

Becoming a good writer does not happen over-night. Being told what to do is easier in theory, but it takes time to put it in action. This is why it is important to keep practicing what you are learning about essay writing. You ought to practice writing sample essays on a variety of topics with any chance that you get.


 List of possible Essay Writing Topics

Health Essay Writing Topics

  1. How does the lack of sleep hurt people?
  2. Does Internet medical information enable people to be healthier?
  3. What is an allergy?
  4. What is the best probable treatment for Type 2 diabetes?
  5. Which is the most successful way to quit smoking?
  6. Do television shows regarding overweight people losing weight exploit or help?
  7. What are the causes and effective treatments for bi-polar disease?
  8. How can we solve the predicament of antibiotic resistance?
  9. How can individuals best be encouraged to craft healthier lifestyle choices?
  10. Are drugs overused while treating mental illness?
  11. What makes some people have the ability to live over 100 years?

Education Essay Topics

  1. Which is the most appropriate way to take notes in classes?
  2. Public school, private school or homeschooling, which is better?
  3. Should “gifted” students obtain special educational treatment?
  4. Is homework bad or good for student achievement?
  5. How does traditional education compare to online schools?
  6. Is teaching about suicide prevention in schools helpful?
  7. Why is math difficult?
  8. Should vaccinations persist to be compulsory in public schools?
  9. Should online classes be offered in high school?
  10. Should schools switch over to e-books?

News Essay Writing Topics

  1. Why did the media not get the Brexit or American 2016 Presidential election correct?
  2. What is meant by “fake news?”
  3. Is the news coverage too narrow?
  4. What is the most appropriate role for news reporters in this digital era?
  5. Does reporting from ordinary citizens give us better news?
  6. Does “unbiased reporting” exist?
  7. Is crowd funded journalism going to be a vital trend?
  8. Is comedy and satire news a favorable way to stay informed?
  9. Will newspapers become only digital or go out of business?
  10. How is “fact checking” helpful when it comes to speeches?

Social Media Essay Topics

  1. Can you form lasting relationships from online dating sites, or are they just a scam?
  2. How can parents handle the issue of their children being bullied through social media platforms?
  3. Should texting while driving be considered illegal?
  4. When in social circumstances, is texting or gazing at your phone inappropriate?
  5. Is technology reducing our attention span?
  6. What rules should high school or college students adhere to when posting on social media?
  7. Does social media impact teenagers social lives negatively?
  8. Does social platforms such as Twitter have a place in the classroom?
  9. Should people get judged by what they post on social media?
  10. How is social media transforming child and parent relationships?

Technology Essay Writing Topics

  1. Which is better, Mac or PC?
  2. Are self-driving vehicles a good idea?
  3. Can computers actually become intelligent?
  4. How will practical quantum computers change people’s lives?
  5. Which research is offering the most promising aid for disabled people?
  6. How will 3-D printing change people’s future?
  7. How will 360-degree selfie cameras help change the way people share their lives?
  8. What are among the implications of the Cell Atlas?
  9. Is face-detecting software considered a good way to solve the issue of identity theft?
  10. Is adding connectivity of people’s home devices helpful?

High School Life Essay Topics

  1. Is prom worth the inherent cost?
  2. How can people focus in a better way when studying?
  3. What encompasses a successful dating relationship?
  4. What is the paramount way to ask a date to prom?
  5. Should additional high schools have technical programs or apprenticeships to help people get jobs right out of school?
  6. What are the benefits of being member of BPA, FFA or other school organization?
  7. Why should you join ROTC?
  8. Is learning any foreign language in high school significant?
  9. Is going to study abroad worth it?
  10. What is the best sporting activity to join at our school?

Food Essay Writing Topics

  1. Is drinking bottled water a favorable idea?
  2. Is “organic” or “all-natural” worth paying extra for?
  3. Does gluten-free food actually make people healthier?
  4. Why is junk food extremely addictive?
  5. Where can you find best cheap eating spots in the area?
  6. Do fad diets really work?
  7. How imperative is it to “eat the rainbow?”
  8. Which fast food eatery serves the best food?
  9. Which is the best diet for athletes?
  10. Which is better, your local coffee shop or Starbucks?

Body Piercing & Tattoos Essay Topics

  1. What constitutes a bad tattoo idea?
  2. Why are tattoos a fashionable trend?
  3. Is obtaining a tattoo safe?
  4. Which is the most popular tattoo?
  5. How do tattoos that women choose differ from those chosen by men?
  6. How can you take care of your new piercing or tattoo?
  7. Are there some tattoos that ought to be considered taboo?
  8. Why do individuals get multiple body piercings?
  9. What are the most trendy tattoos this year?
  10. Is tattoo an art?

Sports Essay Writing Topics

  1. Should we pay college athletes?
  2. Why is NASCAR losing fans?
  3. Who is the all time best quarterback?
  4. What effect does changing schools has on a high schooler?
  5. Should parents permit their kids to play football?
  6. How can we ensure football becomes safer?
  7. What kinds of sports ought to be added to the Olympics?
  8. How can overuse injuries be thwarted in high school athletics?
  9. Can virtual reality aid athletes in training more effectively?
  10. How does American football compare to Rugby?

Crimes Essay Topics

  1. What should be the objective of locking someone in prison?
  2. Does legalization of marijuana result to reduction of crime?
  3. Should the death penalty be legalized in all states?
  4. How can we choose better juries in high-profile cases?
  5. Are afterschool programs a favorable way to reduce gangs and violence?
  6. How can we avert accidents being caused by DUIs?
  7. Can programs that are creating jobs prevent crime?
  8. Which is the humane treatment of prisoners?
  9. Do illegal immigrants get involved in a lot of crimes?
  10. Do drama, music, and art assist in rehabilitating prisoners?

Business Essay Writing Topics

  1. Does owning your own business actually craft a better career?
  2. Is STEM the best career choice?
  3. Is nursing an excellent career for talented women and men?
  4. Should tattoos be permitted in the workplace?
  5. How can employers encourage improved health among their employees?
  6. Should more businesses tender family and parental leave for both parents?
  7. Should businesses employ physically and mentally disabled people?
  8. Should additional employers offer accommodating (flexible) scheduling or working from home?
  9. Should businesses present mental health benefits for families and employees?
  10. Should individuals on welfare be obliged to submit to drug testing?

Family Essay Topics

  1. What entails a successful marriage?
  2. Is interracial marriage an excellent idea?
  3. What rules should parents constitute for their teenagers?
  4. What are the health benefits of a marriage?
  5. What causes marriage break-ups?
  6. What is the importance of a family vacation?
  7. How can parents get to understand their teenagers better?
  8. What is the significance of searching for your genealogy?
  9. Does living together before marriage fashion better marriages?
  10. What are the advantages of growing up in a large family?

Mental Health Essay Writing Topics

  1. Which is the best way to help a relative or a friend that is an alcoholic?
  2. What are the consequences of marijuana on the brain?
  3. Are video games good or bad for kids?
  4. Can lucid dreaming learning be helpful to you?
  5. Which is the best PTSD treatment?
  6. What limits should be instituted for genetic engineering of humans?
  7. Can drugs brain damage be reversed?
  8. Is virtual reality something more than just for fun?
  9. What role should people’s race play in American identity?
  10. How is the Internet affecting people’s intelligence?

Body Representation Essay Topics

  1. Should women get plastic surgery in order to elicit a desired self-image?
  2. Are romantic films damaging the concept of real relationships?
  3. How can women develop a hale and hearty body image?
  4. Are beauty pageants (shows) beneficial to women?
  5. Do young men posses body image problems?
  6. Should brands like Forever 21 use plus-sized models?
  7. How does marketing/advertising affect the men’s body image?
  8. Should the fashion industry utilize models that seem more like regular people?
  9. Should the fashion industry/sector change their way of marketing/advertising?
  10. Does playing with dolls negatively influence a young girl’s body image?

Entertainment Essay Writing Topics

  1. Do violent games, images, and music cause people to act out violently?
  2. Why do adults like Disney movies?
  3. Why is “Fixer Upper” that popular?
  4. Why are movies like “The Lion King” being watched by kids over and over?
  5. Which shows are unsurpassed for binge watching?
  6. Which is the scariest horror movie?
  7. How does Lego Batman compare to the other versions of the Batman franchise?
  8. Which video game contains the best storyline?
  9. Has Marvel altered the source material too much?
  10. Is “virtual reality” going to be significant in entertainment?


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