360-Degree Feedback

Completing a 360-degree feedback can be very daunting and complex especially when you have problems with the individual’s capabilities. Providing a constructive feedback is significant in ensuring that there are no problems with the individual. However, if one is not comfortable with the abilities of the individual, one has to strategize on how to provide a successful feedback. I am presented with this kind of a situation.

First, I will not openly inform my co-worker about my problems with his capabilities. This might be very discouraging. In addition, people are not the same nor equal. The fact that I doubt my co-workers’ capabilities gives me no right to judge. However, it would only be fair if I give a honest feedback. To do this I would have to structure my feedback in a way that my co-worker will not feel offended. A good way would be start with the good things about the abilities. Then towards the end mention about the recommendations and room for change. This is more positively portrayed as opposed to directly attacking with negative feedback.

In that there are four of us who are providing the feedback, it would also be a good idea to talk to the other colleagues and hear about their view. We can all write about the deadline issue as a recommendation. This will ensure that our co-worker realize that the deadly ne issue is serious given that all of us have noticed. In addition, this will not create any ill will between my co-worker and me because we all the feedbacks have the same recommendation.

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