4 ways Obama Care is changing for 2019

Article overview

4 ways Obama Care is changing for 2019 is talks about the Affordable Care Act or also known as Obama Care and how the program is going to register more enrollees than it did in the previous year despite President Trump’s effort to undermine it. The Affordable Care Act is going to introduce much lower premiums; for instance, the rate in Tennessee will go as low as 26% while in Pennsylvania, the rate will be as low as 16%. Subsidies will be lowered too, in the sense that in some countries, premiums will be as low as $ 533 a month. Thirdly, consumers will be given more options. In this case, over 20% of consumers will have a choice to choose from one carrier, a percentage lower than the current 29%. Fourthly, Enrollees will be subjected to less guidance. The upcoming enrollment season will have no navigators. In other words, the article’s primary focus is on introducing affordable care through improved services to acquire more enrollees into the program.

However, the article has not raised any ethical question that concerns me as a health care profession. It has rather focused on the consumers, in this case, patients and other individuals who depend on the program.

A community healthcare nurse can be involved as a change agent by promoting the client’s self-esteem as well as promoting a sense of meaning and even hope. For instance, Obama Care aims to ensure health goals are accomplished, thus promoting change. In this case, the change can be made easy through health nurse who can effect change in people through simple actions as providing care as well as talking to families to embrace communication patterns that are healthier.

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