9 Fun Facts: How I document my 17 years of existence?

9 Fun Facts: How I document my 17 years of existence?

My friends have always thought of me as a happy, funny and jolly individual. This is based on what they know about me. Their perceptions are true, but as usual there is always more than what meets the eye. There are some interesting facts about me that they do not know. These include:

I used to be fat /chubby while growing up

As a child food was an aphrodisiac to me. The mere presence of something that could go into the mouth created a tremendous excitement. I was more into sugary stuff like chocolates, cakes and candies. The aspect explains my body size as at that period since sugar and weight gain have a positive correlation. It was not until my high school days when started to pay close attention to my feeding habits, and engaged in more activities with the objective of losing some weight.

I can sing

It is a talent I have possessed for a long time. I try to showcase it now and then when opportunities present themselves. It might amount to something great in the future, who knows? Previously, I had the desire to audition for X-Factor, American Idol or The Voice, but my personality could not allow me. I tend to be shy while in the midst of a huge crowd. For this reason, it is only the people around me that have the privilege of hearing my vocal chords. To some extent, I can also say that I am an aspiring actor.

A Staunch KPOP Enthusiast

K-POP is a musical genre that originates from South Korea and is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements.  It all started last year on April when I watched “Growl”, which was unexpected. “Growl” is a video that features EXO; a Korean male group composed of 12 members. Since that time, I have been addicted to this group. As a result of trying to keep up with the KPOP industry, I have come to develop an interest in other groups like 2ne1, Sistar, Got7, SuJu, 4minute, Winner and Ikon among others. Honestly, I don’t understand their language, but thanks to subtitles I can comprehend the content. I just like their way of singing, dancing and rapping. It just electrifies me.

I prefer Asian Movies/Shows Compared to Hollywood

Is there anybody who doesn’t know “My Love from the Star”? I am a big fan of romantic-comedy themed films. Some of my favorites include Oldboy, My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, Love 911, Jenny and Juno and A Millionaire’s First Love, which are all Korean films.  I have also enjoyed I Gave my First Love to you, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Nobody’s Perfect and My Name is Love. Here in the Philippines, my favorites include:   My Amnesia Girl, My Only You, You Are the One and My Big Love. Have I mentioned that Toni G is my all time favorite actress? Now I have. I enjoy watching every movie, which she is the leading actress.

Who does not have time for books?

Apart from school textbooks, other books I have read include: The Cat Who Said Cheese, She’s Dating the Gangster (this was actually my first book), Para sa Hopeless Romantic, Para sa Broken Hearted by Marcelo, and Wag Lang ‘Di Makaraos (this was a book my teacher lend me for our school publication’s book review). Even though I am not a savvy reader, the books have helped me discover new words for my vocabulary.

PBB Aspiring Housemate

I even bought the first PBB magazine. It was Myrtle’s edition. I always get excited whenever I see it on TV. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to audition or maybe it is just that I can’t. It seems like the later carries more weight.

 A Youtuber

I love to laugh while watching videos on Youtube; especially the funny ones. The ones I have watched in the past include Lloyd Cadena, ChonunMigookSaram, Ramona Champion, Glenngogo and Youtuber React Personalities among others. I also enjoy watching documentaries on Youtube. The curiosity and desire to learn usually act as the driving force in this quest.

Tummy is not my best friend

There are times that I just can’t control this.  That’s why I just let it go (finding a CR) and move on. A serious/rated PG problem though. Poop! I mean oops!

A funny director

I documented my funny moments while with my friends because I love to see them smiling every time we are together. I took “selfies” and videos just to have fun and enjoy the moment with my college friends. How do I forget “Botchie”? They are my high school best friends whom I’ve loved for four years now.

Now, you see me. You see how colorful my life is? Even when I am having some problems, I smile because it is always a priority for me to be happy. I am strong. Life is too short to be lonely. I just love life and enjoy every moment I have. I just want to enjoy my teenage days and do some crazy things since I know my limitations. Anyeong, kamsahamnida! (Goodbye, thank you!)

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