A Critical Analysis of Software Testing Tools and Techniques


Software is a program designed to perform specific tasks on a computer, and it is imperative to perform periodic software tests. Therefore, software testing is the process of validating a software program to make sure that it achieves its mandated tasks. Software testing aims at verifying, detecting and identifying errors within an application. Currently, thousands of software tools are available in the market, and they include test management tools, functional testing tools, and load testing tools. For example, under the test management tools, we have the Test Manager. The test manager is a java program that automatically tests the day-to-day running of software.

Furthermore, it stores essential data on the process of testing and also plans testing activities. Besides, different variation of the test management tools offer customized features; therefore, an individual can select the type that best fits his/her needs. The figure below shows an increase in the usage of test management tools over the past few years. Additionally, when used efficiently, the tools can increase organizational profit margins by improving productivity.


In conclusion, software testing tools are an integral part of any organization that seeks to maximize its production capabilities and increase its profit margins. Furthermore, the tools make work easier by detecting and eliminating errors within a program to make sure that it runs sufficiently.

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