A Day in Life 2020

On Jan 1, 2020, I am anticipating to spend my New Year celebrations in the state of Michigan in the US. I will have to visit Lakeside Mall where I will buy gifts for my parents. In this case, I will have to use Google maps to find this area since it will be my first time to visit the US. As I will be shopping, I must ensure that I keep time to spare time for other activities like lunch and communicating with relatives back home. Therefore, my apple watch will serve me well at this moment.

Additionally, it will be alerting me after every one hour to ensure that I keep time. I will also check for my favorite items in the stores within the mall. However, it might be tiresome to move from store to store to search for various things. I will have to visit the mall’s website to communicate directly with the merchants. Thus, I will have an opportunity of knowing whether the items I am searching for are available or not. After shopping, I will need a car to take me back to the hotel premises for lunch. As a result, I will use my mobile phone app to call a uber driver to pick me. I might expect the driver to come after a short duration because there are many cars in the town.

In my hotel, I will pay all my bills using the social currency system. This means that I do not have to carry real money. I can pay for these expenses using this electronic money transfer system. The approach is convenient, quick and reliable since I might not visit the bank after running out of cash (Barry, 2018). Besides, I will use Facebook during my free time to chat with friends living in Michigan. This can make it easier for me to know where they are situated within the city. I might also use some of the Facebook groups to enquire and understand more about the US from friends. Meanwhile, during my free time, I will follow some of my friends via the Twitter platform. This can enable me to know what is happening back at home and globally.

During the evening hours, I can check on dinner reservations by using Facebook local. It will permit me to know the available food types on the menu. Moreover, it will enable me to ascertain if there are enough sitting spaces for my friends and me. Thus, I may decide whether I can take my meals in such a restaurant or go elsewhere. This comparison among hotels is vital before identifying the one that will suit my interest (Probst & Peng, 2018). Besides, Facebook local can also enable me to book for my sleeping area at night without doing it physically. This might assist me to save a lot of time especially when I will have busy schedules. Additionally, it might also eliminate the chances of inconveniences that are usually caused because of poor planning.

At precisely nine O’clock, I will have to sleep because of the fatigue experienced throughout the day. The primary objective is to ensure that I get enough rest every day during my stay in the US. However, I might not worry about waking up late since my Apple watch will be alerting me on when to wake up in the morning. Therefore, there will be no chances of waking up late. Moreover, technology can significantly assist me during my stay in America until I return home. Finally, the use of modern devices such as a laptop or a smartphone will be very resourceful during my stay in America.


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