A degree of Influence on Decisions

A degree of Influence on Decisions


A reference group refers to a cluster to which a set of individuals belongs to or associated. Furthermore, a reference group view compared to another group or individual as a base for assessing the current behavior of their act and individual conduct (Hawkins, 2013). The most reference groups and the probable degree of influence on decisions according to the provided example follow below

  1. a) Brand of toothpaste: Notably when college students as a market segment, the impact on reference group to make a choice choose and purchase a particular brand of toothpaste is low. Usually, it’s upon an individual to decide the brand of the commodity and purchasing depends on both dental condition and buying power. Between roommates and friends, roommates play a critical role as the reference group in the sense that when toothpaste is finished, we use roommates’ and this can potentially influence on a brand.
  2. b) Purchase of hybrid car: In this case, an individual gets highly involved in seeking information about cars before purchasing one. In this case, workmates play a crucial role in determining a decision made by an individual. Especially co-workers who own cars provide real experience on cars to buy.
  3. c) Purchase of breakfast cereal: Roommates and workmates have potential to influence on a purchase of breakfast cereal because if the grains are for individual consumption people are least interested in providing information. However, if the commodities are for group consumption, then the co-workers or roommates get highly involved in decision making.
  4. d) Becoming a vegetarian. The decision to become a vegetarian received moderate influence from friends and family or roommates because the decision does not have adverse effects on the reference group. For example, college roommate or family members of vegetarian may or may not provide a strong argument for or against an individual decision on the same.
  5. e) Choice of computer tablet such as the iPad: The determination of an individual to purchase a type of iPad may be actively or moderately be influenced by either family members or friends in a sense, family members may take advantage of the iPad and also use it too but friends may provide moderate influence in the same.




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