A Demand for Steady Supply

A Demand for Steady Supply


There exist numerous occasions that may prompt a company to modify its supply chain approach. Most arguably, the gradual modification in every cycle of the product is to assist the company to uphold competitiveness. The entrance of a new manager could also prompt refurbishing of the pre-set visions hence prompts modification of the supply chain. Establishment of a supply chain that is demand-responsive is stress-free, but yet is possible(Roberto et al., 2011). Yossi Sheffi, a renowned professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presents the Functional Strategy Mapping Method, that directs and captures the supply chain technique of every firm.



In various perspectives, a supply chain manager could achieve improvements for the company by adopting this practice. For instance, the approach makes confident the presence of effective communication in the supply chain approach of a particular firm. It thus makes it easier for the supply chain criteria to oblige as a strong starting point for its evaluations(Roberto et al., 2011). This paper presents itself as a good point of reference for the majority of supply chain managers.

FSM method is of great significance to the managers as it pursues to free the company from dependence on external information. It includes any relative data obtainable in outside setups and might not even apply to the real situations of a company. In the placement of outside information, FSM sees to offer an intuitively and least appealing supply chain structure for the company(Roberto et al., 2011). FSM creates an even structure for the managers that enables them to carry out assessments of a company’s supply chain criteria. In most of the setups, it derives this technique from persons who have an in-depth familiarization with the firm’s supply chain history.

Another importance of this strategy relies on its four broad criteria. In the first criteria, it supports the necessity that every undertaking in a firm projects the overall prospects of the organization. Subsequently, the FSM technique is also consistent because of its alignment with the objectives of senior executives of a firm. It makes sure that for a specific firm, every aspect of its supply chain is harmonious to one another. It creates simplicity in the modification process of the product in its life cycle(Roberto et al., 2011). Coverage makes the third component. Its involvement is that as a senior manager, one must ensure that all areas of attention in the supply chain method are effectively thought of and minded. Sufficiency, as the last criterion, makes sure that both the strategic and functional prospects of the firm are content.



Despite its tremendous significance towards influencing steady supply, experiences from this research still identify two challenges it presents to managers. To begin, most managers find it hard handling feuds presenting themselves in set-ups associating with pending conflicts. Different workforce happens to develop varying views on varying matters, which the managers find challenging to conceptualize and resolve(Roberto et al., 2011). Another turmoil for managers is how to implement the FSM method to an organization, more so when such a firm is under refurbishments. For a firm that has already put the focus on achieving a select goal, will find it hard transitioning the format, hence lead to a difference in ideology.




In comparison to other methods, FSM still presents itself as the best tool to help managers evaluate consistencies within the supply chain. Through this, a firm becomes positive of exploring the affiliations between mutual compatibility and support for pertinent aspects from the FSM criteria (Roberto et al., 2011). In summary, the FSM tool is found out to be significant towards the identification of gaps in a supply chain and providing solutions to improve the firm’s undertakings.



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