A legal handbook for new employees

I have decided to choose the University Of North Carolina Medical Center as the organization of interests for the final project paper (UNC Medical Center). It is important to recognize that the University of North Carolina Medical Center was established in 1952 as a public, academic medical institution in the United States of America (UNC Medical Center). Therefore, it got created as a fully-fledged N.C general assembly in Chapel Hill, NC (UNC Health Care). The North Carolina university medical center got provided for the sole purposes of proving patient care services, education of healthcare professionals as well as the promotion of progress medical research in constructive collaboration with the University of North Carolina medical school (UNC Medical Center). According to the 2017 data, it is vital to realize that North Carolina University of the medical center had 900 beds within the facility that helped to serve more than 37 000 patients across the country every year (UNC Health Care).

The University of Carolina medical center was recognized in 2018 nationally among the most recognized medical categories in the U.S (UNC Health Care).  The North Carolina University of Medical Center’s groups of the nose, ear and the throat specialty becoming among the top ten leading clinical classes in the United States of America (UNC Health Care). The high performing adult specialties of the adult categories at the UNC Medical Center comprises of the Geriatrics, Endocrinology and diabetes, urology, Rheumatology and Pulmonology (UNC Health Care). Therefore, based on the medical data and research, University of Carolina ranks among the top three best hospitals in the country.

The dream and vision of the University of Carolina medical center are to continue being the country’s leading academic public healthcare system (UNC Health Care). The ultimate goal of the organization is work relentlessly towards the provision of best quality care to all Americans as well as their beloved ones (UNC Health Care). The goal here is to make medical care more accessible as possible to the American people from every part of the country as well as every walk of life. The poor and the rich alike will continue to get medical care within the institution without bias (UNC Health Care). And more importantly, is that fact that the University of North Carolina medical center aims to continue retaining their best performing professionals because the provision of high-quality care depends on the ability of the organization to train and retain professionals.

The health facility train and regularly acknowledge the abilities and capabilities while also encouraging the open and honest exchange of opinions, treatment of patients as well as colleagues with the utmost respect, dignity, and courtesy at work (UNC Medical Center). The organization values the medical transparency and accountability to the sick people in the facility, services to the state as well as the maintenance of financial viability. The University of North Carolina employees also continues to work through a high level of commitment based on the culture of accountability of services that is not only measurable but also consistently accountable (UNC Medical Center). Patients often experience an active care service based on responsibility and verification if need be.

The information I have been able to collect about UNC Medical Center brings more levels of confidence about the remaining part of the project (UNC Medical Center). The facilities 2017 website and financial declaration provide a rich history of the medical organization. Therefore, the type of the healthcare provider I choose for this project is the UNC Lenoir health care. It was subsequently licensed for 261 beds and as a not-for-profit hospital because it is dedicated to the community service (UNC Medical Center). For instance, it provides quality outpatient and inpatient as well as preventive medical services. It also provides healthcare services such as cardiology, oncology, urology, and radiology. The state law that applies to the UNC Lenoir health care is the privacy legislation that establishes state standards for privacy. However, the federal law that applies to UNC Lenoir healthcare is the fact that the hospital must not discriminate patients on race, color and it provides a language service coordinator.



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