Johnson Hill,

Representative – North Dakota.

  1. O. Box: House of Representatives,

Washington, DC 20515.

12th January 2018.

Dear Representative Johnson,

As a nurse-physician from the State of North Dakota, I as a result of this write this letter seeking your provision towards the Senate’s bill – Sb 15-197. In my State, there has been the authorization of nursing practice in the absence of a career broad collective agreement as from 2009. Regrettably, a selection of the policy’s consequences keeps on establishing bottlenecks and drawbacks in major nursing undertakings (Cook, 2016). For the above reasons, I am hopeful of your support towards Bill 15-197 whose full function is to resolve thegiven challenges through streamlining the whole procedure.

Implementing the bill prospects at lowering the practice hours from the present 3,600 hours, down to a mentor’s 1000 hours. It is a measure that our unit looks forward to authorizing interim prescriptive specialists(Riba et al., 2016). Upon graduation, if eligible before accomplishing certification examinations, the bill would help to:

  • Bring North Dakota to a closer alignment towards the inflexible administration necessities with the neighboring states.
  • It better position North Dakota to effectively recruit more proficient nurse practitioners and another workforce in the field.
  • The bill also aims at lowering the challenges in the regulatory procedure as has been the trend for the new practitioners relocating to North Dakota (Riba et al., 2016).
  • The bill also permits for a superior geographic distribution of the nurse workforce.
  • It also assists in capturing comprehensive benefits for advancements in nursing practice. It succeeds at this by using a more operative and efficient model.
  • The bill does not alter the APRNs scope of training. Instead, the process ensures its delineation through pieces of practice, state certifications, and education.

North Dakotans will be best-aided health wise only through the adoption of the commendations as mentioned above (Cook, 2016). I humbly request your backing for this bill. On behalf of my fellow North Dakotans, my patients and I, thank you in progress for your support and contemplation of SB 15- 197.



Cook, M. (2016). Personnel selection: Adding value through people: a changing picture.

Riba, M. B., In Ravindranath, D., In Winder, G. S., & American Psychiatric Association, (2016). Clinical manual of emergency psychiatry.

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