A Personal Reflection on Disasters or Mass Casualty Incidents: Bossier Parish 2016 Flood

A Personal Reflection on Disasters or Mass Casualty Incidents: Bossier Parish 2016 Flood

Bossier Parish 2016 Flood

Experiencing disasters can bring about many brainstorming moments and an array of feelings. One can learn a lot about themselves when faced with an emergency. Everyone within the community must join together and help so that the recovery phase can move swiftly.

In March 2016, Bossier Parish was faced with historic flooding. Over 335mm of rain was dumped within the area, and 3,500 residents were evacuated from their homes (Davies, 2016). The Governor declared a state of emergency for Bossier Parishes.

I initially denied the flooding facts. I pondered several questions. Is this happening eight blocks from my residence? Will I leave if there is an evacuation? If so, where will I go? Do I have enough monetary funds to cover hotel and meal expenses?

While meditating on possible answers to pondered questions, I began to experience different feelings which consisted of shock, anxiety, and anticipation. The sense of shock that a disaster was so close to my family. I was anxious about how the tragedy could affect my family. I anticipated getting a mandatory evacuation notice at any time. I felt a sense of peace when the rain subsided, and the water began to rescind. Once the threat to my family’s normalcy was gone, I was able to feel compassion for the people who were directly impacted by the storm. I included them in my daily prayers. I also financially donated to a local organization that was assisting the evacuated residents.

I learned that I could be self-centered when my family’s normalcy is at risk. I realized that the idea of not knowing what the future holds can be overwhelming when families are faced with a disaster.

This experience was essential to me because it enlightened me on the fact that disasters are a community matter that creates personal issues. When a disaster occurs, your community is the perfect source to connect with and become a team member. You do not have to be directly affected by the disaster to participate within a team. The recovery phase of a disaster can be expedited if individuals within the community can work as a team.

I would remind anyone involved with a disaster that disaster time is not the time to become self-centered. Different feelings may arise during this difficult time. One must stay focused and get connected with a team so that speedy progress can take place.


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