A Proposal on Public Healthcare Preparedness


According to the studies conducted by LoBiondo-Wood & Haber (2014), public healthcare organizations that provide medical services must ensure not only the safety of patients but also the quality of services. The medical organizations must provide healthcare services without any form of bias or discrimination based on gender and race to drive effective delivery of services to the patients especially during emergencies. It is, therefore, critical to realize that this paper provides a comprehensive proposal on the necessary procedures during the provision of emergency medical attention, the measures instituted to promote electronic medical records systems, the need to accept the healthcare insurance during emergency periods as well as the effects of quality care during emergency treatment.

The procedures related to public health services

There are five primary procedures that our organization puts more emphasis on that relates to the essential public health services. It is these procedures that determine the safety of the inpatients as well as the outpatients during the emergency period. According to the findings of LoBiondo-Wood & Haber (2014), the campaign is vital to all the societies that surround the organization. For example, they contribute to the ultimate intention to create public awareness among the people so that the people can unite together to fight the challenges of healthcare while also assisting each other in the passing of relevant information that relates to the potential dangers in the medical organization (Yao et al., 2012). It is, therefore, vital to know that this procedure describes one of the primary essential healthcare services known as mobilization of community partnerships as well as challenges as a way of solving health-related problems. The process is meant to alert the healthcare management during impending dangers based on the good relations between the institution and the neighborhood.  The management uses this type of information received from the surrounding community to health patients effectively during emergency period to save as many patients as possible.

There exist other procedures applied by the physicians ensure that all patients in the organization are attended to and also given treatment quickly enough to save the lives of patients. The procedure also enables quick discharge of the patients who are feeling better to eliminate the problem of congestion because the hospital only has 600 beds for the patients. It is thus crucial to realize that this procedure is related to the essential health services of evaluation, accessibility, the effectiveness of the personnel and quality services in a populated healthcare system. It is a fact that received support from the studies of Bowling, (2014) that observed that these types of procedures help the healthcare delivery process during the emergency periods. For instance, it helps to maintain the required minimum number of patients that is quickly manageable during the emergency.

It is also vital to know that following instruction during emergencies is also an effective procedure that relates to essential healthcare services. For instance, the policies, regulations, and rules formulated by the government as well as EMTALA provide more efficiency. It is a procedure that overly relates to the essential healthcare services that enforce the laws as well as

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