A Proposal on the Best Time Management Application to Improve Company Productivity

A Proposal on the Best Time Management Application to Improve Company Productivity


In today’s business world, the IT department plays a critical role in solving some of the challenges companies face. The challenges range from customer satisfaction, human resource practices, and employee welfare. The IT department engages in several activities such as developing solution apps for the company stakeholders to improve productivity (Noe et al., 2017). Recently, the company CEO, Paula Benstone asked me together with a colleague as members of the IT department to propose a productivity app that would incorporate changes company culture due to the increased number of company employees. The application should include one that improves the productivity of employees by ensuring that time taken to visit social media platforms using the company network does not affect the productivity of the company. There are several applications in the market today that employers can use increase the productivity of their employees. However, it is essential to choose one that addresses a specific challenge affecting the company. Consequently, this proposal will suggest the adoption of Time Doctor Application to help in tracking the time taken by employees to engage in company work. This proposal is important because it outlines the best rollout plan for the application and discusses how the application will solve the current problem. Other sections of this report will include a description of the challenge, a plan to resolve the issue using the suggested app, the estimated cost of the plan, and a summary of the proposal.


The company has expanded dramatically over the last few years. Resultantly, the number of employees has also increased tenfold. This has affected the productivity of each employee as revealed by a recent IT department report, which showed that employees spend most of their time online visiting their private social media accounts. If not handled in time, this may affect the general productivity of the company as very little time will be spent on company work. Consequently, the company profit may reduce spreading the risk to employees, leading to the loss of jobs to enable the company to operate within a small budget. To avoid such unlikely outcomes, a productivity app is necessary especially one that helps the employees manage their work time effectively.


My colleagues and I plan to introduce a productivity app that will enable the employees to manage their work time, and the company to track the time spent by each employee on their work. The app will be cost effective and outcome oriented. Following the original problem and the desired solution, we believe that the Time Doctor will entirely solve the problem. Time Doctor is an application program that companies use to track the time spent by each employee on their work in the company. The application is available in various operating systems such as iOS and Android. Besides, it can be accessed from multiple devices such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Time doctor breaks down all the time spent on various social media platforms within the company network such as slack, email, and basecamp. It is designed in such a way that the employee can easily plan for his daily work. Besides, the employer can check an employee’s profile to determine the number of tasks in progress, pending and accomplished tasks.


Installation and integration of the Time Doctor into the company’s system will ensure that the employees plan for their working time properly. For instance, they will be able to set timers for accomplishing each task and plan for the next tasks. Besides, the company will be able to track the timing of activities by each employee. In this way, the organization will be able to identify employee’s time management behavior regarding accomplishment of company tasks and advise individual employees accordingly to improve the productivity of the company (Noe et al., 2017).

The employees will be required to download Time doctor from the app developer’s website https://www.timedoctor.com/ and create an account which will then be integrated to the company’s system to enable the company track the activities of each employee. An employee of the company is eligible to download the app provide they have a smartphone or computer and internet access. The integration and implementation of the app into the company system does not cost much because it is free to download. The company able team of IT personnel will then integrate it into the company system to ensure that the activities of every employee in the institution can be tracked. There will be a one-time cost of $200.00 for integration. Maintenance will be done freely by the company IT department with a consultation fee of $100.00 annually.

This proposal provides the desired solution to the company’s problem. Time Doctor will not only enable employees of the company to plan for their tasks but will also allow the company to track the time spent by each employee on various functions. If adopted, Time Doctor will improve the productivity of the company making keeping each employee on toes to ensure that they utilize their work time properly. This will improve the profit margins for the company and enable it to expand even further. Thank you for taking your time and exerting your effort to read this proposal on time management and tracking app, Time Doctor. As members of the IT department, we believe that the app will improve productivity and scale the company to greater heights.

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