A Review of Thesis statements by different authors in their articles

A Review of Thesis statements by different authors in their articles

In the article, “Educating the Public on the Value of a College Degree” by Molly Corbett Broad, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, the author states; a higher education degree or credentials give an individual the tools needed to create a successful life (Broad). Broad believes college graduates are better and happier in most aspects including socially and economically compared to an average individual who has not graduated from college.

In his article “Student Debt Mounts to Scary Levels, But America Just Shrugs” by Cabot Phillips, the author thinks that motivating the young people to teach themselves about personal finance and the possibly risky side effects that come with acquiring loans, would be beneficial in encouraging better decision making (Phillips).

Wendy R. Lobby presents her professional opinion in the article “Let Privates Talk to Each other about Tuition.” Wendy thinks educators should work together instead of colluding if they are to formulate a pricing solution that is sensible to the institutions and families (Lobby). Wendy further observes that for every dollar generated in gross tuition revenue from the first year students, colleges use close to half the amount in aiding grant based funds mostly from operating budgets.

Ben Miller in his article, “The Student Debt Problem Is Worse Than We Imagined,” Ben believes that institutions, states, and governments ought to make substantial investments in college availability to minimize the number of students that require a loan in the first place (Miller). Miller observes that the majority of the borrowers, as well as defaulters, are low-income students, the individuals who would receive a grant aid under a rational system for college funding. The author also states that imposing the students to take loans has put many college graduates and students into financial debts.



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