A visit to an exhibition

  1. Corridor 2122 – Everyday Stages
  2. The artwork that I was more attracted to was the Peony by Leslie Batty. It involves a pink rose flower that has been drawn on a black surface.
  3. I had visited another gallery with my friend and there were various exhibitions being displayed. There was one in particular that captured our attention. The exhibition was by Leslie Batty. I am not quite sure why we got more interested with her artworks, but she seemed to be telling different stories in her works. Most of them revolved around women though. This was the reason I was glued to her artworks at the Corridor 2122 gallery. I knew I would definitely find something that would interest me. In this gallery, the peony captured my eyes. From the look of it, it is just a flower that is drawn on a black surface. This painting can be interpreted in different ways. The flower is very attractive and looks good to the eyes regardless of the black surface from which it has come from. This can be interpreted as the classic works of Leslie Batty, where she tries to take feministic standpoints in her works. The message here might be that regardless of what women have gone through in the past in terms of gender inequality, they can still thrive and be the best that they can in the current generation.
  4. This is a painting.
  5. The materials used here are oil on canvas. While viewing the painting it was still wet. It was put on the display as it dried. Since the painting was wet, it did not have a frame. A note on the side indicated that the frame would be put in place once the painting had dried. Oil painting is a technique that has existed for a long time. It was in existence even during the Renaissance period, where it came to replace tempera painting.
  6. The works in which this painting existed was the exhibit of Leslie Batty. This particular painting seemed quite unique compared to the other paintings that were in this exhibit. Most of the paintings had female representations that were outlined in different ways.

I came to learn that the trend in these paintings was based on the painters’ beliefs. Batty is a feminist that usually advocates for gender equality.  This explains the usage of women figures in her paintings. On most occasions, she is showing women what they can achieve whatever they desire. She wants them to break the confines bestowed upon them by the society. They should see themselves as equal mates to men, and hence strive to succeed within the same capacity or even acquire higher status.

I also learnt that most of the women who featured in the paintings that were in the exhibition were her friends. They are her friends who have had personal experiences battling breast cancer.

  1. This particular painting was pinned on the wall. It could not have been hang due to the absence of a frame, which was going to be introduced once the painting dried. All the other paintings in this exhibition were on the wall. The lighting was quite normal, and every room had several pieces (artworks).
  2. The exhibit was diverse in scheme though each exhibit contained the works of a particular artist.
  3. The artwork seems to be portraying a certain theme. The flower growing from a surface that looks dull might be an indication of how far women have come from in the society. They have experienced difficulties along the way; but in the end have been able to come out strong and full of life.


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