Aboriginal People in Canada lack of Food Security

Aboriginal People in Canada lack of Food Security

Food insecurity is one of the major problems affecting the indigenous communities of Canada, especially the Aboriginal people. It is a concern public health in the country, and it is brought about by the high rate of poverty in the region, and the increased rate of climatic changes that affect food production for the indigenous people of Aboriginal.  These people have also retained their traditional way of food production, and therefore, they may not produce food adequate to sustain them. Although Canada id one of the first class countries in the world, the issue of poverty and food insecurity is still a significant problem for many individuals in the country. Several factors have been linked to the high rate of poverty and food security among these people. This discussion, therefore, investigates the incidents of the food security among the v uneatable people of Aboriginal of Canada.

Reasons for the increasing food security for the region

There is a specific attribute of the Aboriginal people that make them still suffer from persistent poverty and food security. These factors are attributed to the cultural, economic and social way of life of these people. Moreover, other natural factors may be beyond the control of both the government and the community as well. One of such facto is the factors the multi-children structure of their family which make it difficult to plan for food, primarily due to the high rate of poverty. Other factors include the low level of education that exists in the region due to poverty.

There is a bog link between education and food insecurity. The fact that these individuals lack education implies that they do not get to be employed the factors that are relegated to the effect of colonialism has accounted for the low rate of educational attainment among the indigenous people of Aboriginal. With no education, economic opportunities are limited to the people, and this leads to low income and general advancement of food insecurity among the indigenous people in Canada.

Further analysis reveals that the household type is a significant determinant if food insecurity in the country. The lone parent families are already linked to lower income among the Canadian, especially of the indigenous people. The household crowding becomes a severe implication of the increased food insecurity in the country.  The overcrowding is based on the fact that the indigenous Aboriginal has families with many children with a low rate of income. This makes it difficult to keep enough money to sustain the entire family throughout the season. The fact that the increasing rate of climatic changes prevents all season crop production implies that at a time. The indigenous people of Aboriginal may not have adequate food to sustain them.    Throughout the teat, it continues to post a high rate of insecurities in the country based on food.   Food insecurity among the indigenous Aboriginal is also based on their traditional way of food search among them is the hunting and gathering. Most of these individuals still depend on conventional economic activities to obtain their food. Such include fishing along the lakes and in the nearby rivers. It also involves haunting would kill animals to eat. This kind of life, therefore, makes it difficult to have enough for the daily sustenance throughout the season. This is a significant contributor to the current food insecurity problem in the country. Food insecurity in Canada, especially among the Indigenous Aboriginal can be solved most efficiently.

Solution to deal with food insecurity in Canada

One primary answer that can help to solve food insecurity in Canada is the Food Bank Program Canada. It is a program that is made up of ten provincial Associations that aims at addressing the short-term and the long term food issues in the country. Its primary motive is to enable an effectiveness food bank community to heal deal with the constant hunger in the country. It has several programs that help to promote security. Key among them is creating awareness on hunger and the possible ways of reducing the chances. Its contribution I the effort to create a secure country with adequate food has always been seen in the number of programs it has helped to initiate. It was founded in 1987 and has always been in the light to ensure the security of. Among the vital programs that have provided food security are food distribution programs through a program of natural food sharing system. The organization has also initiated several programs that help to reduce the rates of food insecurity in the country. The key programs include teaching the indigenous communities how to have a long time and sustainable food security solutions among the indigenous population of Canada. The essential step of ensuring that has always been to focus on the change of lifestyle of communities through providing the needed education system for food security in the country.

Justification on how it can solve the problem of food insecurity

The program initiated by food bank Canada has the technique of solving the long-term and the short term goals of food insecurity in Canada and among the indigenous communities. Through proper educational programs, especially on the family planning control mechanisms as a way of reducing the number of family members in a given household has been a well-thought solution for the poverty and food insecurity among the indigenous people. Through the education program on the family planning and both control mechanics as the Aboriginal people can have an opportunity to store enough food to sustain their families for an extended period  without straining for food in the country.

Moreover, the program has always focused on teaching the indigenous communities the modern ways of food production and storage. It implies that these people have to move away from the traditional way of life and embrace modernity in terms of agriculture and other food production mechanisms. The program, therefore, has thought the individuals to move away from the traditional form of life of hunting and gathering to an older system of sustainable agriculture to feed the community. The fact that there is a vast arable land in the region, with the population advantage provides an opportunity for further agricultural production that will lead to a long life sustaining the communities.

The education system that allows the indigenous people to go beyond secondary studies so that they can secure jobs to sustain their families is a proper justification for the program. A further analysis that reveals that the effort of the Foodbank Canada is still promoting a structure that will ensure that there is a   rescue program for food security. This program provides an opportunity for individuals with food shortage to acquire food from a far distance. It is a short time program as a long-lasting effect on food security among the Aboriginal people of Canada. The process of ensuring that they are fed and they have the technical skills for self-sustenance will provide a permanent solution to the agricultural efforts for the indigenous people.

The process of ensuring food security needs to be a combined effort between the government of Canada and the Food Bank Canada. In this case, the establishment of the education system that promotes awareness to the indigenous people through training them technical skills and ensuring that the process of food storage and production is taught to them. In this case, the program involves providing that the indigenous people can control their families and organize e themselves to have a long life-sustaining the source of income and food for the families of ensuring food security in the country.


The issue of food insecurity among the Aboriginal people of Canada is still a significant challenge in modern society. Even though there are many effort s that have been made to wrong the balance, there are still challenges in ensuring that there is a general change of lifestyle among the indigenous people of Aboriginal. It implies that these people must be ready to adopt a new technique of life through embracing agriculture and ensuring that they can sustain themselves. The effort of the Aboriginal people to maintain themselves is based on the role of the food bank organization of Canada to intervene and create an attempt to  secure the indigenous people from the increased rate of poverty and food insecurity in the century of Canada.