Abortion: A Heartless Murder or a Method of Birth Control?

Abortion: A Heartless Murder or a Method of Birth Control?


The paper explores some of the debates that have been put across both proponents and opponents of abortion. Although the paper is against abortion, it analyses all sides before offering a conclusive position. In the first part, there is the statement of the thesis statement, the definition of abortion as well as the existing standpoints on abortion. It defines abortion or feticide as being the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. The paper explains that abortion is often a tussle between the rights to uphold the rights of the mothers vs. the need to protect the right to life of the unborn child.

Under the supporters of abortion, there is the inclusion of arguments such as upholding the equality between women and men, offering women the opportunity to decide what to do with their bodies, minimizing the health risks that are associated with unsafe abortion among other arguments. Other than stating that there is the need to uphold the right and the decision of the mother, there is an equal argument that there is the entitlement to quality and safe health care services. The outlawing of abortion implies that there is a limitation in the access to quality and safe abortion services.

The opposing part focuses on feminist principles, long term effect of abortion, moral provisions and other ethical considerations. Feminist principles are seen to be against violence and acts of discrimination. There is also the risk that the concerned would have long term health impacts such as the inability to conceive. It is on these grounds that the paper argues that there is the central need to outlaw abortion. However, there is the call to have exemptions in cases where it is evident that the life of the mother is at risk.




Abortion is a subtle debate as it calls for an evaluation of the standpoints that are held by the conflicting sides. While some groups are in favor of abortion, it is worth noting that others oppose abortion and term it as being both unethical and violation of the right to life. The paper will offer an argument for and against abortion (Guenther, 2018).  It is only after considering the arguments in each camp that one may have a conclusive and informative position on the abortion debate.  Abortion is defined as being the deliberate termination of a pregnancy.  Unlike miscarriage, abortion/feticide is the deliberate termination or destruction of a fetus. In the past years, there have been a growing number of abortions in the global.

Abortion may be either surgical or medical. Under the medical abortion, there is the use of medical pills that prompt the ending of a pregnancy. Unlike surgical methods, the use of pills is common among young persons. Other than the ethical dilemmas that are involved in the process, it is worth noting that there are many health risks associated with abortion. There are cases where many people have died while trying to abort. The illegal nature of abortion and the corresponding serotypes makes people timider to seeking medical services.  While abortion is illegal in many countries, it is allowed when the life of the mother is at risk.

Abortion can be defined as varying highly among countries. Such laws are often based on political, religious, ethical and moral grounds. Nonetheless, abortion is common even in regions where the law does not uphold it.  The World Health Organization explains that the rates of abortion are almost similar in countries that legalize and those that illegalize abortion.  Since the onset of the 20th century, many Western countries have been on the leading front in the codi

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