Academic Writing

I highly agree that academic writing facilitates accurate knowledge articulation and ensures the reader’s ability to associate the information with real life happening. The student is right by considering the structure of academic writing. The thesis statement acts as the primary point while the supporting information which comprises of subjective analysis and research. Therefore, academic writing ensures the reader understand everything hence the need to avoid using complicated words.  The guidelines for having proper academic writing are thus to be subjective, avoid compound words and maintain limited bias. Employees need to depend on the instructions when writing documents in the field of employment such as executive level summaries. The student doing in the workplace, therefore, meets the requirement since when preparing reports avoid jargons and remain subjective. It’s also important to note that narrative writing relates to academic writing since one need to avoid using compound words, active voice, and informal language when narrating.

Ideally, the majority of the individuals features the concept of the gene in the music industry. Similarly, an individual’s lacks a full understanding of the idea of narrative writing, and this has an impact on academic writing. Writing need to be organized since given a chance to pen information down, one needs to hold information that is direct and which acts as a summary fitting in the provided space. Writing in such a manner will enable the reader to comprehend the writer’s sentiments.