Activist Art

Activist Art

Edgar Heap of Birds work is called Most Serene Republics, and it is a text-based work that mainly focuses on words. The project involves 16 signs that are publicly installed with about eight them installed in cemeteries to honor those Native Americans who were taken and killed in Europe. Edgar uses signage just the same as traffic signs because he knows well that people will read them and probably follow instructions. Most serene republic works as an intervention to show the evils in the society, for example, genocides of the locals and brutal histories of indigenous cultures in the area. His work also focuses on emancipating the masses on world views towards them. In one of his art form, he insists that America still sees the native ones(Indians) as enemies, he points out what usually is not taught in schools.

Edgar’s work seems to be a non-collaborative work except for getting information from the locals about the genocides and keeping the stories alive through his art. People who get to see or read his art understand his point of view and appreciate his work. The public is not enough description of place ownership or access. Some public places do not allow the erection of any signs or self-expression in terms of paintings.

Tatlin’s Whisper #5 is one of the performances by Tania Bruguera a Cuban Artist. The production is about two policemen mounted on horses. One is in a black horse while the other in white in a museum. They are used to control the pace and movement of people. Such techniques are used in public events, and each function takes a different form of control. A political demonstration will take a different way as viewing of art in museums. The fact that the audience responds to the directions shows that they accept the literature and indicates that power and authority can be exercised anywhere and in an orderly manner. Tania states that she gets inspiration from the news when she sees such things and brings the story the right way. The collaborator in this piece are the policemen, and they have been used to show that power can be used orderly and in artistic way/ agonistic way to influence people’s lives. I believe that this is a public museum with different people from different backgrounds. In this case, it qualifies the description of place and ownership. People can freely visit the museum as indicated by their numbers in the video.

Guerrilla Girls and Krzysztof Wodiczko in Conversation- Hirshhorn Museum is a discussion by both artist on feminism, human rights, and democracy. The Guerrilla girls are well known feminist artists who advocate for women and people of the color opportunity to be given a chance to show their art. These girls use text and signage to influence people. They complain that the American art scene is mainly dominated by the rich and mostly male and women are not given an opportunity to showcase theirs.

Wodicka, on the other hand, works on projects that focus on human rights and democracy. He talks about conditions that should not be there in the developed world like homelessness through architectural facades and illustrations of vehicles and their impact on society. The collaboration of Wodicka and the Guerrilla in Hirshhorn Museum discussion is necessary to as it points out bias and corruption in the world. Both works are in the public discourse, and many ways create awareness to people who come across them.


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