Admission Essay to the University of Maryland

Admission Essay to the University of Maryland

Maryland Campus and I share a similar dream. I like Maryland Campus by how it always strive to discover the boundaries of the environment by surpassing prospects. Long as an incompetent computer expert, it was this need that took me to the College of Cameron for its undergraduate discipline in computer programming, ethical hacking, and computer security back in 2014. Up to that juncture, computer science had been my previous personal stretch, a discipline that I could explore on anybody else’s conditions. My experiences at Cameron University in Nepal, however, changed that. Engaging in a full-length for the first attempt research experiment at that point, I felt more alive as well as more involved than ever before. Studying the complexity of programs between dynamics of hacking, programming and practicing and optics to try and answer one of the holy grails of programming. Therefore, justified, my urge to advance validate my desire of computer science leads me to seek for admission to Maryland University. I appreciate this experience, and I believe it very well that Maryland Campus is my prospect, since, over it, I look for an additional everlasting chance to track my desire of becoming a professional computer scientist.

In addition to science, Maryland University had drawn me for other reasons. I desire to work with a different mind of people that the institution wholeheartedly accommodates also with people we share the same mindset. I understand from my experience that gaining dependence, trustworthiness, plus achievement that the campus principles desire, new individuals are required to establish a differential atmosphere for these principles. Consequently, Maryland University is not rational the faultless place for me but rather the only place for me because it accommodates students from different disciplines that allow each department to create a real learning environment that intensely mimics the real world.

At the faculty of computer science at Maryland University, it is where education and research are intermixed. Long mesmerized my hobbies like my work with multinational communication company as an outsourcing employee as part of the network operation center (NOC) surveillance team. For as I can remember, I had been having the passion for computer science. Since I was a kid, I fascinated over computer components, the graphics, and the software. Computer science projects were a particular joy to me. In fact, it was this continued fascination I enrolled class in EC-council Certified Ethical Hacker course. Later, I participated in hacking competition emerging among the top ten in the first time and scooping the top price in the second.

In today’s dynamic world, cyber security is essential for local, state, and central government as these organization keep significant amounts of special report and records regarding the nations as well as its citizens. Massaging the confidential documents of a country, digital by a terrorist from state entities plus digital spying can result in serious threats to a country. Therefore, with my knowledge and proficient skills in IT, I would be able to provide mitigation solutions.

The ever-growing use of the internet and social media has drastically shifted cyber security to be more important. Increasing cyber-extortions requires a trained, ethical hacker like me to guard the information. It is imperative to comprehend the vulnerabilities and threats posted in the internet world.

Cyber security has evolved to be very vital to individuals, families, businesses, as well as organizations that collect and store a broad range of sensitive information on computers and transfer that to other computers across different online connecting networks. Applying my skills in Maryland University will provide an opportunity to learn how to protect computers and personal information from being hacked.

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