Adolescent pregnancy

Adolescent pregnancy is a situation where girls become pregnant while still in their teenage or while still below the age of eighteen years. Several risk factors and precursors lead to these cases of adolescent pregnancies. One of the factors is that of the use of alcohol and drug abuse. When young girls involve themselves in drug abuse at their age chances are that they will be exposed to sexual activities and get pregnant. A second factor is that of having poor performances in school. This lowers their self-esteem and leads them to seek solace somewhere else and ends up getting pregnant.

Both the community and the state governments have dedicated some of their resources to make sure that they address the vice of early pregnancies. One of the resources is the holding of ted talks in the different primary and high schools in America. During these talks, the state governments search for professionals to offer guidance to the young girls on the dangers of early pregnancies(Yarger et al., 2017). Secondly, many of the states have worked in collaboration with different community-based programs to increase the access of contraceptives to the youth. This helps in the reduction of the rates of early pregnancies and school dropouts.

California was one of the leading states in matters of adolescent pregnancies which were very high. The government started a campaign for abstinence to reduce it, but it did not work. However, the government started educating the teens over the dangers of sex and HIV, and the rates dropped with 50% by the year 2015. This decrease was on a large part due to the awareness creation amongst the youths who in the previous times had no idea about sex(Yarger et al., 2017). After the beginning of the awareness campaigns, they began using protections and contraceptives leading the decline in the rates of early pregnancies.




Yarger, J., Decker, M. J., Campa, M. I., &Brindis, C. D. (2017). Rural-urban differences in           awareness and use of family planning services among adolescent women in       California. Journal of Adolescent Health60(4), 395-401.

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