Advertising Appeals and Frameworks

Advertising Appeals and Frameworks

The ad that I have chosen is the Heathrow Bears Christmas. The Advert #Heathrow Bears is not offensive to the British people. Brits love bears. Therefore, Heathrow has a hit on their hands for the Christmas homecoming campaign in the UK (Heathrow). The element of the Christmas homecoming is reflected from the ad since it advises people to travel to someone and not just somewhere. This is an indication that the ad is targeting families who plan to return home and spend time with their families during the Christmas holiday. The target audience of this ad is hence the passengers who are returning home for Christmas through the Heathrow airline company holdings. It is important to realize that the use of bears by Heathrow is a hit because of the people’s familiarity with the bears that helps to push an emotional response, but it cannot always be a recipe for success. Therefore, the type of research that might have been used to create the ad would be the fluent devices of the recurring characters. The recurring characters breed contentment since the people get the opportunity to gain extra happiness boost from the return of a well-loved character such as the bears that were heavily used in the ads in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

The type of appeal that would have been used is the emotional appeal because it is a comprehensive approach that includes values as well as the motives of the central message. Remember an emotional appeal connects with the people’s emotions hence making the product to be especially attractive, exciting and appealing to the consumers. However, the type of creative strategies that would have been used is an effective strategy because it seeks a form of emotional attachment between the consumers and the brand (Mibahrine, 2016). Remember it the previous year the story of the two ex-pat bears coming home for Christmas scored an excellent 3-star rating. However, this year Heathrow went a step more to manage high 4-stars to become one of the best ads of 2017. The question that many people would ask is what makes this to work better? The answer is that it is longer although that is not a recipe for success. The effective strategy also comes with highly charged and symbolic images as well as words that are often combined with music that evokes emotional responses from the consumers. Like in this case, the symbolic representation is the bears which are not only symbolic but also familiar with the Brits. The administrative framework used is fantasy which is beyond reality. The Brits romance and love with the bear that is used in the ad is an example of an execution framework.


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