Affordable Housing Research Proposal

Affordable Housing Research Proposal


Affordable housing a fast house provision deemed affordable for the median income earner or those who are rated below the household income by the government or the local government. In the united states, more than 10 million people are low income earners who are struggling to pay for their homes. Out of this, more than 7 million cannot afford the homes and a severely suffering from the cost burden of the homes. There are numerous people who are missing rent payments ndthoe who are moving from their homes involuntaryly. multiple year waiting list for affordable housing has numerous impact on families who are with the school age children. People with school age children are the most affected as this children have to meet other needs while in school. School going children need adequate resources that you can use. In their learning without successfully securing the future of this students because of their increased need to afford the houses, it is not easier for them to complete their schools or perform better as the other students who cant afford their homes. The main purpose of this proposal is to state some of the impact of multiple are waiting list for affordable housing on the families with school going children.

Keywords: Housing, affordable housing, housing in america, school going children.














Introduction to the Study


Theerare several literatures that have addressed the housing problem in the past. Nonetheless, there is still a massive knowledge gap when it comes tothose who are in the waiyting lit and the problems that heir school going children are facing.  This is the reason why this research is crucial to the academics and the fute of more research.  It will  show some of the most  forgotten ideas in the multiple year waiting list for affordable housing and hat it has on families with school age children.Every school going children have demands that go beyond provision of housing. Apart from the housing that they need, school going children needs learning resources and food when they come from school. Apart from this, they have to get other requirements such as clothes, health an better diat. All these factors contribute to a successful performance and anall round student. However, if the parents of the students spend most of the money to pay for the housing provision, it is likely less likely that this student will get call the other resources that are required in performance. For those who are within the multipul here waiting list for affordable house, they do not have the affordable house that can help the students and parents to achieve their dreams. More than 18 million households in the united states are paying more than half of their income on housing. Out of this former hundreds of thousands do not have their homes at all. The issue of housing and accessing a decent affordable house is an idea that have created an element of debate with the provision of critical stability for many families being the key idea to this depends. Lowering the risk of families that are vulnerable to becoming homeless can be helped by providing accessibility to housing. Affordable housing and economic security r ideas bicycle model faces. Because of the high cost of living homes, families that have low income and very little left of us to spend on other incomes have very difficulty in acquiring homes.


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Problem Statement


The problem with the housing in the united states is that it affects not only the home owners, but the economy as a whole. The school going children also feel the problem especially when it comes to the multiple year waiting list for affordable housing. This problem have a massive problem on the families that have the school age children.  This proporsal will show he need to have the research  on the affordability yand the impact hat t has on the individual studets. This research needs to be conducted because theer are many school going chudren who are suffereing both mentaly and physically by the issu of affordable houses.  There are numerous literatures that are addressing issues related to this topic.  The specific issues that have raised the massive observation for this research include the drop in performance of the students whose parent can not have affordable housing and the health care issues. Literature within th five years shows that  there in a gap in the studies that are addressing  the  influence of affordale health on the parents with the school going children.


Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this qualitative stdy is to explore the effects of the multiple year waiting list for affordable housing  on families with school age children in the united states. Several social changes including the provision of affordable housing to the school going chidren is   the mai purpose of this study. The other recommendation is to provide special services to the students who are suffering from the lack of accommodation.Affordable housing therefore increases the money that families can put another needs and savings in the future. When people can have houses that are available and affordable, it is easier for them to save much money and to use money to perform other expenses. Instability of housing is there for a serious jeopardy to the performance of the children and their success in school as it contribute to lapse of achievements that are long-lasting. Quality affordable housing create an environment which is stable for students thereby contributing to the improvement in education.



Research Question (Qualitative)/Hypothesis (Quantitative)

This researcg will answer the following questions. Thisis a qualitative research that will use interview questionnaire to  get the data from the filed forms.

What effect does multiple year waiting list for affordable housing have on families with school age children?

How can the school going children be helped especially those that can not get he affordable houses?

How are the school going children affected by nt being able to have  affordable homes?



Definition of Terms

Affordable housing-  affordablehosing refers to the  a household that is affordable to the middle or below the middle income level for the residents.

Residentials- the people who are living in the homes, some who cannot afford the house holds


Conceptual/Theoretical Framework

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There are several ideas and advantages thathe school going children can get from having affordable hosing. A stable environment that is given to the children who are going to school means that this children you will have easy time going to school and can therefore achieve better results. Housing is also related to help. Housing stability as well as those who cannot afford their homes are negatively impacted in terms of their health. As a result, affordable housing can massively improve people’s health by providing a stable condition freeing up resources that can be used for food and other amenities. Most people bear more than 50% of there income on house leaving the other half for other essentials. Given this statement still an estimate this game of the existing prices as the industry is still lacking ways of a folding how is stability.Those who cannot afford their homes are also likely to become sick as they are faced with harsh environments that they have to deal with in everyday life. Those who have affordable homes are also healthy and they cant afford the hospital seems they do not have to spend much on the housing.


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Literature Review

Affordable housing is also part of a healthy housing and controlling asthma. Improvements to affordable housing is important as it also improves the health outcomes for the low-income families. This is mainly true for the children who are at risk of contracting asthma. This can also contribute to better school performance because the children who are suffering from asthma can have their symptoms reduced and they will not miss school for some time. Affordable housing is also important in controlling energy. Energy efficiency is types of families that have school my children because it reduces the operation cost that is put in a multi family building and operation. This study lies as the portfolio for the providers of affordable houses and it preserves the rental housing stocks thereby protecting the tenants who may be suffering from insecurity and instability. Never met a man that has to be taken into consideration is transportation cost and access to better transport. Proportion of household budget that is taking towards the payment for housing and transportation have been drastically rising through the last decade.


Summary of Literature Review

This eventually leaves families with less money that they can use for other necessities. Affordable houses that are built next to the public transit is also important as it reduces transport costs for the low-income individuals thereby saving their money. It can also allow them to access better jobs thereby getting the employment. Transportation is as important as people have to travel to healthcare facilities thereby improving their health to communities that are susceptible to critical health problems. The neighbourhood qualities is another idea that is attributed to buy the affordable housing provision. Affordable housing provision increases the purchasing power of the people thereby increasing their economic impact and create job to the general economy. When people get jobs, they can also contribute to the tax revenues and the entire society develops as a whole.Affordable housing has also been shown to improve massively their property values.



This research will use questionnaires to getthe opinions of the  participants about the impacts of the effect of multiple year waiting list for affordable housing on families with school age children. The participants will be given both open and cloe end questions to answer. The children have to eeet the criteria for research

Research design  and sampling

This is a qualitative research that will not involve any statistical analysis. It will use a total of twenty participants who wilofrm part of the sample population. The samples will be given the consent forms  to fill before they begin the research. He participating children have to come from poor families and families that cannot affords the households that hey have

Data Collection and Analysis Procedures

The questionnaires will be collcdfrotheparticipants  and then analysed by the researcher. The reserchrwil also use observation to verify thathe  data that have been collectd is the true representation of the data. This is not a statistical rsearch and thwrewfore there will be no need of using the SPSS software.



Ethical consideration

Protection of Participant’s Rights

Every research have to have the edthical codes that guides the researcher. In this research the rights ftheparticipants have to be respected. The partcipatshav to be eighteen years or more before they can participate in the rsearch. Additionally, their rights have to be respected. They have to be given their consent forms. Also, theyr time have to managed well by th researcher. In addition to these, their identities have to remain anonymous.



Appendix A

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