After the end of the American civil war

After the end of the American civil war

After the end of the American civil war there slavery was abolished. Thesouthern American economy was characterized by agriculture which depended highly on human labor. There was a drastic failure of agriculture, and the cost of agricultural production in the south was high. This affected the economic productivity of the southern region of America.

After the war, the freed African Americans were, and therefore, they worked as laborers at choice. However, their living condition was characterized by poverty with a general lack of basic human needs like shelter, clothing, and food.

There were many cases of violence since the southern masters did not accept the fact that there was an end to slavery and forced labor. The hatred between the white masters and the former black slave made tension to increase. Moreover, African Americans, with the highest level of poverty engaged in the struggle for survival by takingthe old masters properties to supplement their needs. This led to a series of violence in the south.

Jin Crow lawwas as a result of the racial hatred where the whites seem not interested in sharing social amenities and other things with the former slaves in the south especially during the period of the reconstruction.

The purpose of the law was to create racial segregation between the whites and the   African Americans in the southern states.

The political discrimination in the south took the form of denying African American s any freedom to participate in the political activities and any leadership in the states.

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