Alabama’s Homeboys

The film Alabama Homeboy is about life in Alabama village based in Prichard city, Alabama State. The conditions under which people in this state live are deteriorating considering that Alabama is not a poor state. The film brings out the inequalities in society especially in the United States.

From rape, stealing, drug abuse and murder, children in this city are brought up under horrible conditions. They have no hope and they take every day as it comes. Gangs are common in this city due to the idleness and social stigma. Having come up in the Second World War, the village is the most dangerous place in south Alabama. Youth from different neighborhoods kill each other over small indifferences.

Inequality is real in the Unites States. While some people have various opportunities, other has no opportunities. Illegal immigrants get their way in to the U.S., get jobs and make a living. It leaves one to wonder why such children in Alabama village should live I such conditions. When a child is brought up by a drug addict mother, it can be expected that the child will also be a drug addict.

The natural law of creation stipulates that all people are created equal. The people of Alabama village are equal to the other people in America. Some are children who just found themselves born in the village without a choice. It can be argued that the adults in the village are not doing enough to make life better but this just to the disadvantage of the children. There are programs for homeless children and these children should fall in that category.

Homeboy Industries, a gang intervention organization from Los Angeles has taken the initiative to change the life of some of these young people living in this village. Through sharing their own stories, members of this organization encourage these children and give them hope. I believe there are other people in surrounding villages who are capable of doing something for these children.

The society has a responsibility to take care of all people in it and to offer equal opportunities. People always tend to look at this kind of problem as financial but it is much far from that. These kids need to feel loved, cared for and have relationship with other people. It can be expected that people in such conditions will have problems communicating with the other society members mainly due to stigma; it is significant to encourage them. As the Alabama’s Homeboys organization is doing, it is uplifting the life of some of the children in the village so that they can later in life help other in the society and through that method, the village will change.

There are many reasons why this kind of social inequality exists but the main reason is status quo and the class system. The society blames poverty on those who are poor not quite understanding that poverty is a social problem. When one lives among poor people, the poverty will affect him/her through theft, rape and gangs. It is upon the society to accord all people equal opportunities. Resources in the society these days are distributed according to ones wealth. The rich remain rich while the poor become poorer.

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