Always Reppin

Since March, most of the teams in the NCAA Basketball tournament have rocked the ‘Always Reppin’ warm up shirts. In addition, it is quite easy to spot the same shirts amongst the fans on the stands. The reason for this is because the slogan has been adopted by Nike and is becoming a darling among fans. A majority of the teams in the tournament are sponsored by Nike and don the company’s slogan in exchange for millions of dollars of sponsorship. ‘Always reppin’ is the short form for Always Representing which means that the teams are representing. Essentially, the use of the slogan is to imply that the teams are representing the company through the uniform that they wear. The slogan could be interpreted to mean that Nike is being represented by a majority of the teams in the basketball tournament. Ultimately, the message that the company intends to send is that it is the most popular brand when it comes to sports. In addition, success of the teams wearing the slogan could be misconstrued to mean that Nike has an influence in the success of teams.

The use of the slogan is also a marketing tool that can lure many consumers to purchase other Nike products besides the shirts. It is no wonder that many of the fans find themselves lured into wearing the same shirts that are donned by the teams they support. In so doing Nike understands the impact of group behavior on consumer behaviors. Most people especially in America choose their fashion taste based on people they consider to be celebrities (Hoyer, 2012). With most of the team players being celebrities who are respected by the fans, it means that their choice of clothes could have an influence on the fans’ choice. Ultimately, most of the people end up thinking of the company’s clothing as cool and therefore flock their stores to purchase the same.



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