Is the “American dream” very unique?

Is the “American dream” very unique?

Prompt 2:

We’ve learned about 3 versions of the American dream: the founding fathers’ dream, white-picket-fence dream, and new American dream. Are these dreams unique to America, or do you think these dreams are shared worldwide? Specifically, are these dreams similar to or different from the dreams in your home country?


  • You need at least 4 sources for this essay. One source will be your interview.
  • Other possible sources: the Amadeo articles, class notes, images of statistics and opinion polls, or any otherreliable sources you find.
  • You can use sources that are in English or in your native language, as long as they come from a source that is clearly identifiable (a reliable author or organization, not an obscure or anonymous website).
  • You MUST mention the source of EACH quotation and paraphrase, or your outline will be considered plagiarized.
  • Your final essay will be 5-7 pages long, or a minimum of 1750 words, not including the Works Cited page.


  1. Intro: In this section, you willclearly state your thesis. Examples:
    • Americans have dreams that are very similar to Malaysians’ dreams.
    • Many people in my home country do not have dreams like the New American dream. Instead, they have dreams similar to thefounding father’s dream and the white-picket-fence dream.

Type your thesis here:

In my home country (Saudi Arabia), most people have dreams that resonate to the New American dream and the white-picket fence dream than the founding fathers’ dream.



  1. Body Part 1:(In this section, you will give an overview of the 3 main American dreams to help your reader understand what they are.)Compare the three different types of dreams: founding fathers’ dream, white-picket-fence dream, and the new American dream.*Include some examples from your interview notes.*


Founding fathers’ dream

This dream was based on every individual pursuing happiness in their day to day activities. This was deemed necessary as a driver for a successful society.

White-picket fence dream

The dream revolves around people having the ability to build and live in good houses. It also incorporates the aspect of owning cars among other good things in life.

The new American dream

Under the new American dream, people tend to seek liberty, fulfillment of basic needs like healthcare, education, equality and other personal goals.


  1. Body Part 2:(In this section, you will try to convince your reader of your thesis, or main claim.)In your thesis, you argued that the American dream(s) are similar to/different from those in your home country. What main points and evidence will you use to support this thesis?


My home country’s (Saudi Arabia) dream is similar to the white-picket fence dream in that people aspire to have great homes, own good cars and provide for their families in the best way possible. This is why education is regarded as the key to success since people hope that it will help them attain their dreams. The aspect of treating education with high regard is an indication of some elements of the New American dream.





  1. Conclusion: In this section, you will re-emphasize your main points one last time to help your reader remember them.
    1. Restate the main ways that America and your home country are similar/different in their dreams:



America and Saudi Arabia share similar sentiments on issues to do with the white-picket dream. People found in both countries work hard towards actualizing good homes and being able to afford good cars, and a general good life for their families. The people have invested in themselves to help these dreams come true. Among the main investments that are deemed important in actualizing these dreams is education.


  1. Conclude your essay with a final thought or quotation:


The American dream is not something static. It keeps changing from time to time. People possess different notions about the American dream based on the generation that they find themselves in. Some dreams that Americans have tend to have some similarity with the dreams of people from other countries.

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