American Revolution Assignment

American Revolution Assignment

The original statement about the American Revolution states that the war between colonists and the British military took place because the British colonialists under their king were mistreating the colonies by imposing heavy taxes on them and subjecting them to hard labor for over 100 years. The statement goes on to state the colonists successfully fought and won over the British army, after which they formed their own government by creating a democratic state and a constitution. Although this statement is true, the claim that the colonists won the war against the British Army easily is controversial since they gained support from allies such as France, Still, the American Revolution resulted in many changes in the United States, ranging from the granting of freedom to colonists to the development in the social, religious, and economic aspects.

In essence, the American Revolution entails the period between 1775 and 1783 when colonists had been fed up with discrimination from their colonialists. The British had attempted to raise taxes twice under the Stamp Act (1765) and the Tea Act (1773). However, colonists protested against it since they were directly affected because they had no representation in the government. The first war colonists and the British army took place on June 17, 1775 in a battle called “Battle of Bunker Hill” in which the British won over colonists. Besides, many casualties were reported among colonists’ army.

After that, colonists’ army and George Washington kept the British army in Boston until they evacuated the city to Canada in March 1776. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress voted for the Declaration of Independence (Specht 197). On seeing that, the British government sent another troop to fight the colonists. Still, Washington organized a surprise attack which saw them winning over the British army. War events continued to occur in the United and the French army join in favor of the colonists. In 1783, the war had intensified, and the colonists were becoming stronger due to the support from their allies. As such, they opted to sign the treaty of Paris which ended the war. Although King George was seen as a tyrant during the American Revolution, it is claimed that he tried to follow the instructions of his ministers by hiring troops against the rebellious colonists.

The end of the American Revolution marked a great step for social groups such as the Native Americans, African-American slaves, and other people who were against the British government. Thus, they felt the impact of the Revolution. Besides, women participated actively in the American Revolution by acting as spies, selling foods to colonist troops, and boycotting British goods. As such, the American troops found more advantage to win over the British troops.

As expected, the American Revolution led to massive changes in social, religious, economic, and political aspects. Firstly, the social positions of Native Americans changed. For instance, African-American slaves were freed through the slaves’ abolitionist movement. Besides, the Anglican Church which had been started in American was abolished. More so, taxes were reduced, and Native Americans who had lost their land and property regained it (Specht 220). The United States was able to regain its resources. Lastly, the country gained the long-awaited independence which saw them abolished British monarchical government. As a result, they replaced it with a democratic government.



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