An Athletic Child

Back in elementary school, I was strong and very flexible. Though other kids also looked strong, I viewed myself stronger than them. Physically, I was well structured.  I was always included in teams mostly in the field athletics. My flexibility enabled me to be extremely good in field athletics.  I was good in running and always represented our team in local competitions. I also played basketball considering I was significantly tall.

Physically, I felt strong than other children. I was always called upon to break two kids fighting in the school. Other children feared me and I took advantage of their fear to protect other children from being harassed by the bullies. One thing I hated was looking down upon the less strong children. I always went to their rescue incase a bully tried to harass them. In athletics, I viewed myself as superior.  I hated it when other children defeated me. I was the kind of child who feared defeat. I believed I should always win. Socially, my instinct to protect the other kids played well. I was not a bully and other kids were fond of me. However, I always had an emotional breakdown whenever another child was better than me in field athletics. I hated being defeated and I almost cried every time I participated in competitions and was defeated.

Socially I related well with other children. In that there are those children who looked up to me to protect them from bullies, I felt I had leadership skills. I was strong enough to command other children. My peers mostly influenced my aspect of development. They always told me that I was strong and better than anybody else.


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