Analysis Evaluation

Analysis Evaluation

Part One: Summary

Cost-benefit analysis is used in determining potential profitability which can be made from specific projects whereas value analysis is used in improving the purchasing process thus raising the standards of the healthcare. Both are used in making healthcare better than its original look. This is because available resources are strategically positioned and the power of purchasing them improved through value analysis technique. These two types of analysis are useful in various ways; for instance, they have shifted the health care activities from quantitative to qualitative through the providence of strategies and approaches of improving buying procedure.

Further, pay-for-performance in health care have a significant impact on patient quality; for example, the deliverance of services towards their needs have increased as a result of increased production and availability of the resources. Through this, effectiveness together with the efficiency is raised by a considerable margin. On the other hand, it has core measurements such as the imposition of penalties in case of inability of the provider’s failure to meet the set expectations as per the measures predetermined. This type of measurements serves as measurable indicators of quality life. The reason behind this is because, if the provider does not meet the predetermined measures means the services to be delivered will be poor thus an indicator of poor quality of life while the opposite means deliverance of quality services an indication of a good quality of life.





Part two: Summary

Techniques of a needs analysis. It is a process of assessing the present performance then comparing it with the world’s best ones. Some of the methods employed include using surveys and setting priority scale for measuring employees’ skills. The first method is used in questioning the management. Recruitment and identification of one’s talent are some of the gaps between the levels of where staff are performing and where they should be to meet the needs of the organization. Here, the leaders are the determinants because they must put such into consideration to boost the performance of the employees. Training needs analysis a significant phaseused in achieving the design of the institution. Here, the best ways for training the employees are found and put into practice thereby aiding in the production of better services.

Changes in an organization such as new employees and innovation programs and involvement of staff to address skills aimed at meeting the needs of the organization and at addressing training needs should be passed to everyone in the organization via the notice. It will make them feel like the part of the organization and recognized. Besides, it will boost their morale which will contribute to increment of products to be produced thus gaining profit and expansion of the institution. Also, the guest should be helped in deciding because he or she does not have good insights of either the organization or the market. Finally, the goals of the organization should be a top priority. For instance, priority training needs for my organization will be team-building and reduction of training stress which will be aimed at improving production.

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