Analysis of Inequities in Healthcare System


The public health system in the UK is presently fronting dramatic transition in prejudices. New interventions focus on handling the health inequities which endure entrenching within the UK society. This study undertakes an exploration at the present experiences of individuals involving in reducing the problem, considering CVD (cardiovascular disease) as a case assessment (Kirigia, 2013). It is a qualitative study proposal of decision making to lessen health inequalities.


It includes exercising an in-depth qualitative study encompassing 20 interviews and two focus group discussions. Members were mainly public health policy planners and makers in the UK’s CVD. It further consists of Local Authority members and Primary Care Trust. Other contributors to the study include academics from the public health sector, civil servants and consultant cardiologists.


The short term target and the urge to accomplish tasks by the healthcare sector often results in a downstream venture when it comes to interventions towards public health. It contrasts the ‘upstream’ criteria known to participate actively at minimizing of inequalities. Despite made efforts of redressing the imbalance, challenges still arise due to an ineffective partnership with the supreme forces in the decision-making process (Cylus et al., 20160. It is the public health reforms proposals that put forth the table better prospects for the health sector to detour away from such immoral practices.


Resolving the inequity challenge calls for the assessment of the cost effectiveness and influences of present and new regulations that directly affects the public health systems. It thus enables the determination of every inequity’s social determinant and overall impact in the public health sector. Public health servants should, therefore, establish effective leadership to heighten health inequalities outline as a subject that merits for attention, employee’s capacity and output (Kirigia, 2013).



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