Analysis: Qualities Sought by Employers during Hiring

Analysis: Qualities Sought by Employers during Hiring

In an article by Liz Ryan, “12 Qualities Employers Look For When They’re Hiring”, (2016), she expounds more on what the employers are after when conducting interviews. She states that contrary to what most people believe, that employers are not after people with the “very specific types of experience.” She continues to say that all the listed essential requirements on a job advert are not the qualities an employer is looking for. In the interview, things take a different perspective. The conditions needed are not even in the list of requirements. The qualities they need are found during the interview as the interviewee answers and ask questions during the interview.

In what she calls the 12 qualities, the first of them is that the employers are after people who understand their path. They seek people who know the way of their lives and the passions they have followed up to the current place. The second quality is a person who knows what they want in their career, a person who is self-directed. They want a person who understands what he or she is after and is willing to do what it takes to achieve it. Another one is a person who can point to the successes they have had at work or in their life. You have to be able to talk about your accomplishments.

According to Ryan (2016), a person should also know their strengths, a person who understands what he is good at. Thinking independently is also an outstanding quality, people who got their ideas and opinions. Employers also look for people who like solving problems. You can tell the story of a problem you did solve. The other quality is a person with ambition, and a person should want to get smarter and stronger. This could be starting something new or rising through the corporate ladder.

Employers want people who are proactive. Proactive means that a person does not wait to be told what to do, they jump into action when the need arises. Be eager to learn new things, be flexible in changing how you do things. Managers want people who are willing to learn (Ryan, 2016). You should also be goal oriented, set goals and achieve them. Make this clear during the interview. Teamwork is a necessity because you have to work with others after getting employed. If asked about it, speak of a successful experience that you had with your team. A manager needs a responsible person. You should be able to take your responsibilities and situations that could arise. Never be shy when it comes to sharing your experiences in life that are not related with the business, this is because the experiences could show your character and give you an advantage.

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